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Cast: Patrick Muldoon, Olivia d'Abo, Wallace Shawn, Michael Campion

Director: Jason M. Murphy

Genre: Comedy/Family/Kids

Year: 2016

Rating: NR

He sits, plays fetch and he can move at super speed, bark at incredible volume and speak like a human being! Heís Robo-Dog, the most amazing mechanical mutt ever invented. When genius scientist Tom Austin sees that his son, Tyler, needs a new best friend, he locks himself in the garage, tinkering with spare parts, and creates the most incredible canine the world has ever seen! But Tomís greedy ex-boss, Mr. Willis of Epic Industries, finds out that Robo-Dog is powered by a technologically advanced super battery, and he plots to steal it for himself. If the Austin family and Robo-Dog canít stop him, Mr. Willis could accidentally blow up the whole town. Itís up to a hairy, hardwired little hero to save the day!

When young Tyler's dog dies he is heartbroken and rightfully so but his inventor dad has an idea, make a robotic dog that looks like Tyler's old buddy using his super battery. The dog comes with all sorts of gadgets and can even speak so Tyler has his work cut out for him attempting to teach his new dog old tricks which is where a lot of the fun come in to play.

But when Tom's old boss decides he wants that super battery for his own greedy reasons he puts the entire town in jeopardy and it's up to the Austin family and Robo-Dog to save the day.

Robo-Dog is a fun film the entire family can enjoy together, obviously geared toward children but I found my self laughing out loud several times during the movie. It is a well-written and extremely funny tale about the adventures of a young boy and his new robotic best friend.

Another thing that made the film so good was the cast, Patrick Muldoon and Olivia díAbo are great as Tyler's parents and Wallace Shawn is his usual fun self as Tom's greedy ex-boss. And then there is Michael Campion who plays Tyler. I see a bright future for this talented child star. Production wise the film looks and sounds great and the effects used in the film were very well done, a lot better than I expected them to be.

If you have children I highly recommend picking up "Robo-Dog" on DVD. They are sure to enjoy the film and will demand multiple viewings and you as parents will have fun with the film as well, at least one time anyway. Available now on DVD, you can order it HERE. We can never have enough family films in our collection and "Robo-Dog" makes a great addition for the kids.

Released by Image Entertainment

**** Out Of *****