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Cast: Beau Bridges, Aidan Quinn, Josh Henderson, Haley Webb

Director: Antoni Stutz

Genre: Crime/Drama/Romance

Year: 2016

Rating: Unrated

RUSHLIGHTS revolves around Billy (Josh Henderson) and Sarah (Haley Webb), two delinquent teenage lovers from the suburbs of Los Angeles, traveling to a small southern town in Texas to falsely claim a dead friends inheritance.

I bring you filmmaker Antoni Stutzís New Unrated Directors Cut of RUSHLIGHTS, a psychological coming of age Neo-noir thriller. It tells the story of Billy Brody and Sarah who cook up a scheme to make themselves rich. After a friend of Sarah's dies of an over dose Billy and Sarah find papers in her luggage that says she was about to come into a large about of money from an inheritance that was left to her. Since Sarah could pass as her friend's twin the two decide to head to Texas and claim the inheritance but nothing is ever as easy as it looks.

Inspired by true events, "Rushlights" is a crime/drama/romance that gets your attention right from the start. As the film moves along, the plot thickens, there are numerous twists and turns along the way and just when you think the film is over it tosses you another curve. There are also numerous characters involved in the story and each one has their own agendas and most of them are shady characters which gives you the feeling things are not going to end well either way.

The script isn't perfect there are some things that happen that seem really unrealistic but it never really seems to matter because with everything that is going on and the mystery the story creates you can't help but stay focused on what is happening. It is very easy to feel for all the characters involved especially for Billy and Sarah who have had a rough past and are just looking for a break.

Acting wise the cast did a fantastic job playing their roles, Josh Henderson and Haley Webb are terrific as Billy and Sarah and film veterans, Beau Bridges who is stellar as the local Sheriff who has a bad feeling about the couple and Aidan Quinn who plays his brother and lawyer in the inheritance case but he also seems a bit too eager as well are both amazing as well.

I never watched the original release of the film so I can't say how this version differs from it but I really enjoyed this film. It managed to create a lot of suspense, tension and mystery that kept be glued to the screen and it really took off toward the end where it introduced one twist after another. RUSHLIGHTS New Unrated Directors Cut is playing now on VOD and I recommend checking it out. Like I said it isn't perfect and the script could have used a little work but it is still a very entertaining thriller.

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*** 1/2 Out of *****

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