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Cast: Scarlett Sperduto, Dana Millican, Kaya Coleman

Director: Zac Locke

Genre: Horror

Year: 2023

Rating: NR

After suffering a brutal attack on Christmas eve, a young woman, Nikki, struggles to convince her friends that the assailant was none other than Ol' Kris Kringle. When Santa returns to terrorize the group in their remote cabin the next Christmas, Nikki and her friends must overcome disbelief as they fight to stay alive.

'Santa Isn't Real' tells the story of Nikki who gets attack on Christmas eve by someone dressed as Santa. She spends a year in a coma and after waking she finds things have changed. Everyone thinks she made an attempt to end her own life because most don't believe in Santa let alone one that murders people. She is also about to find out that her boyfriend and best friend are now a couple.

The crew to spend Christmas at the cabin, the same one where Nikki was assaulted at. After arriving things start to get a little awkward and when the discussion of Santa comes up the group is forced to fight in order to make it out alive.

'Santa Isn't Real' has its problems as a low budget horror film and there isn't a lot of blood spilling. It is more a psychological thriller with horror elements. The acting is a little below average at times but the story is interesting enough and the location sets the mode of isolation perfectly. Writer/Director, Zac Locke keeps you engaged until the big reveal and action that takes place at the end. The film's runtime is also a bonus at an hour and 15 minutes. Not one second is wasted.

With Christmas fast approaching families are gathering around their TVs and watching their favorite Christmas movies. We all know there are also some Christmas movies for all the horror fans out there and 'Santa Isn't Real' is another to add to the list. It is a fun little horror that brings with it some new ideas and keeps you engaged until the very end. I recommend adding it to your Christmas horror list and giving it a watch when it comes to VOD and Digital Platforms December 8th.

Released by XYZ Films And Rotting Press

*** Out Of *****