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Cast: Michael Biehn, Tatum O'Neal, Penelope Ann Miller, Piper Laurie, Scott Wilson

Director: Connie Stevens

Genre: Drama

Year: 2014

Rating: R

In the Heartland of America, during one of the most disastrous floods in history, the lives of one couple become chaotic when the man’s sister comes to live with them after being released from a local insane-asylum….based on a true story.

When the film started it felt like a Hallmark or Lifetime channel movie to me but those feelings soon faded. "Saving Grace B. Jones" is set in a small town in Missouri sometime during the 1950's and the story takes place during the summer. The townsfolk are dealing with a lot of rain and possible heavy flooding but the real story is about Landy Bretthorst and his sister Grace. Landy has been fighting to get his sister released from a mental asylum for 20 years and that day has finally come. The story is about love, family and the affects of mental illness not only on those that suffer from it but the entire family as well. I guess there was not much treatment available for those suffering from mental illness back in the 50's and the only thing they did with people that suffered is place them in mental hospitals, that alone is very sad.

The film was directed by Connie Stevens, a legend herself who brought together a very impressive cast to play the characters in this film that is based on true events. Connie Narrates the film and the little girl in the film plays her character at a young age.

Story wise the film is not without its flaws but the cast more than makes up for it. Tatum O'Neal gives a heart breaking and very effective performance as Grace and Penelope Ann Miller is also fantastic as Landy's wife who is trying to hold it all together when everything around her seems to be falling apart. Michael Biehn is solid as Landy and the rest of the supporting cast were all terrific as well.

"Saving Grace B. Jones" won several awards and for good reason, this is a powerful drama that slowly builds suspense as it moves along and the end will leave you in shock and thinking about it long after it is over. The Film is available on DVD with no Special Features, you can order it HERE.

If you like a good drama pick this one up, it may not be perfect but it is an intense, thought-provoking true story that will leave you touched.

Released by Arc Entertainment

*** 3/4 Out Of *****