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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Annalynne McCord, Billy Zane, Viva Bianca

Director: Mark Jones

Genre: Erotic Thriller

Year: 2014

Rating: R

If you're going to cheat on your lover, don't get caught. And if you do get caught, you'd better hope your lover isn't secretly insane. Kevin (Billy Zane of TITANIC) learns the hard way when his girlfriend Sadie (AnnaLynne McCord of 90210) discovers that he's having a scorching affair with her best friend (Viva Bianca of Spartacus). Now Sadie has planned a romantic weekend getaway for just the three of them, complete with terror, torture and twisted psychosexual games. The trap is set. The party has begun. And tonight, hell hath no fury like a woman SCORNED.

When Sadie joins her boyfriend Kevin for a relaxing weekend at his old family estate she hopes he might finally pop the question but when she finds text messages on his to her best friend Jennifer about the two having sex Sadie decides to invite Jennifer up for a weekend no one will ever forget.

Nothing is worse than a betrayed woman but Sadie isn't even your "normal" woman, we learn early on that she has some mental issues and takes medicine for it. So when things go south she totally loses it. Back in the late 80's and early 90's the made several films like this one so this is a nice throwback to all the erotic thrillers that came before it.

The film is not perfect by any means, there are parts of the film that seemed rushed for whatever reason and some things that happen are not realistic at all but taken for what it is it is pretty entertaining if only for AnnaLynne McCord's crazed performance. AnnaLynne has always been very good at playing someone that is a little unbalanced and I loved her performance here. Billy Zane gave his typical performance, not great but not bad either and Viva Bianca was excellent as Jennifer. The film certainly has lots of eye candy for the guys plus there is lots of sexual tension and coarse language as well in the film. Films that are Rated R are getting harder and harder to film anymore so it was a nice change to finally see an adult thriller for once.

"Scorned" could of been so much better but for a low budget thriller I thought it was pretty entertaining, parts of the movie had me shaking my head but over-all it was pretty enjoyable. If you like this kind of adult thriller then I recommend checking it out, McCord is worth a rental at least with her scene stealing performance and the film doesliver on some very cool torture scenes as well.

Available on DVD and Blu-ray, you can order the DVD HERE and the Blu-ray HERE.

Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment

*** 1/4 Out Of *****