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Cast: Sarah Hyland, Steve Howey, Odeya Rush, Bret Harrison, Emma Bell, Jake McDorman, Beau Mirchoff, with Michael Weston and Conor O’Farrell

Director: Jarret Tarnol

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Year: 2015

Rating: R

The bizarre death of her brother, Johana Burwood must return home after four years to face her quirky family, including her estranged dad, her two competitive brothers and various significant others. The family is uncomfortable with each other at first, and their inner turmoil manifests itself in quarrels and outright fights. Johana is forced to face some secrets from her past when she runs into an old boyfriend who just can’t seem to let go. It’s only when tensions are at a breaking point that someone comes up with a brilliant idea that will send their departed brother off with incredible style.

After reading the synopsis above most people are going to say, "I seen this before." And they would be right because there has been numerous films like this one that deals with a dysfunctional family getting together after a tragedy and having to work out their differences. But for whatever reason I ended up enjoying this comedy/drama more than I expected to. The story centers on Johana Burwood, who returns home after being away from her family for four years after her brother dies in a strange way. After arriving home she is force to deal with past issues and her siblings in order to leave it all behind and move on.

I found the film to be often funny, a bit odd and even touching at times. Sure this is not the best film of its kind but I thought it had enough going for it to make it an entertaining watch. Another thing I liked about the film was the cast, this is an ensemble cast so no one sticks out all that much in the film because everyone did a fantastic job but most people are going to recognize Sarah Hyland from the art work, she gives a very good and believable performance here and I thought Steve Howey was amazing as well.

"See You in Valhalla" is not a game changer and there has been other films like it that were better but I still have to recommend checking this one out anyway. I know previous reviews have not been very positive but I think most people that like a good dramedy will enjoy watching this so I recommend ignoring the negatives and checking it out for yourself.

Released by ARC Entertainment

*** Out Of *****