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Cast: Dawn Wells, John Tartaglia, Lee Meriwether, David Proval, Camille Saviola, Jacqui Holland, Kiersten Warren, Martin Kove, Jerry Douglas, Shawn Harrison, Rip Taylor, Bruce Vilanch

Director: Jason Lockhart

Genre: Comedy/Horror

Year: 2014

Rating: NR

Senior citizens are being offed by a masked killer who stalks the halls of the small retirement community in which they live. The story opens with a terrifying murder, creating space on the waiting list for Rose to move in. Upon Rose's arrival, she is taken on a tour of the grounds by the quirky, offbeat manager of the joint: Dale. The odd and brightly colored characters continue to pop up as Fanny, her Jewish gossiping neighbor, introduces Rose to "The gang." The routine of daily life is all stirred up at the moment. People are disappearing, there's talk of a ghost, and to top things off, there's an STD outbreak. As terror rises throughout the building, the fear of who's next and who the killer may be, continues to grow. We find ourselves in a game of "Who-done-it?" Is it Desperella, the ground's custodial manager? Is it Kitty, the sexy activities director? Or Zeke, her punk rock boyfriend? Maybe it's one of the elder folks suffering from dementia or seeking some sort of revenge. Full of laughs and full of scares, you'll be on the edge of your seats from the moment you enter the world of the Lake View Retirement Home: The place where people come to live... until they die!

For starters please do not confuse this film with the 2011 Jason Mewes film because that itself would be deadly. "Silent But Deadly" is about a small retirement home that just happens to have a killer among its residents. The film aims high on laughs and it succeeds on every level. I love each character in the film, they are all very different with their own personalities, there are plenty of them that are zany and off the wall which creates a ton of laughs a long the way.

I am not going to sit here and give a way the film's secrets but I can tell you that it does a great job at keeping you guessing who the killer is while remaining playful and fun. There is so much to love about the film one of them being the cast, how can you not adore a movie that stars, Dawn Wells ("Gilliganís Island"), John Tartaglia (Shrek The Musical), Lee Meriwether (Catwoman), Rip Taylor (Jackass The Movie), Bruce Vilanch ("Hollywood Squares"), Kiersten Warren ("Desperate Housewives"), and Jacqui Holland (Dead Ringer) with Martin Kove (Karate Kid) and David Proval ("The Sopranos"). A totally awesome cast, each and everyone does a fantastic job playing these silly and entertaining characters. I want to also give a shout out to Director, Jason Lockhart who also plays Zeke in the film as well. This is a man that knows how to make an enjoyable film. I look forward to seeing what he does next. The film will be released on DVD from Indican Pictures on March 4th so be sure to pick it up. You can visit the film's Facebook page HERE. to keep up to date.

"Silent But Deadly" is a must-see film that adds a nice dose of mystery with plenty of laugh out loud moments, it's charming, addictive and irresistible so do yourself a favor and do not miss seeing it.

Released by Indican Pictures

***** Out Of *****