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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Larry Laverty, Ivey Bronwen, Ashley Morrison, Ronda Olshefski, Betty Gard, Matthew McMillen, Frank Smith, Trufa Greenhawk, Dolores Rogers

Director: Antony De Gennaro

Genre: Horror/Comedy

Year: 2012

Rating: NR

Jessica has inherited a book of invocations from her Grandmother. As leader of an ancient order, the Sisterhood of Death, she draws Alice and Rachel into a coven. Together, they lure con men into their lair under the guise of a phony burlesque rehearsal.

The girls summon demons and offer each man as a sacrifice in exchange for power. As the power corrupts, the girls come to realize that they are just pawns in a much more sinister, masterfully crafted, diabolical plot. Plans unfolded like clockwork until they met Franky and Mommy.

"Sisterhood of Death" tells the story of Jessica who recruits Rachel and Alice into her sisterhood. The three ladies use their sexy looks to lure unsuspecting men into their lair where Jessica then uses a book her Grandmother left her to call upon demons who feed on these men in exchange for power and material things. One day they run into Franky who is a nerd that still lives with his over-bearing mother, what seems like a simple catch later turns into something much more than they bargained for.

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"Sisterhood of Death" is Director, Antony De Gennaro's 2nd feature film, his first was the straight-forward horror film, "Son of Terror." This time around he puts a spin on the horror genre by making this very potent, very funny horror/comedy. The film wastes no time getting going as the woman set their evil plans in motion right from the start, you do have a sense that something else is going on with Jessica but the story never gives anything away too early. The story has a terrific pace to it and there's a few twists a long the way as well to keep you interested. There's not much in the way of gore but when it is used it's very well done and the effects are stellar for a film done on such a budget. Another thing I liked about the film was that after the girls meet Franky and do their thing with him the rest of the kills were shown but not to the same extent, since Franky is part of the main story I thought it was not only wise but very effective keeping the others short but still getting the point across.

Once the film gets moving, after the ladies take Franky out the pace really picks up and so does the laughs. I found myself laughing out loud several times and really enjoyed the interaction between all the main characters. Speaking of characters, I can't talk about them without mentioning how incredible the cast was, Larry Laverty is simply hilarious as the nerdy Franky and Ashley Morrison, Ivey Bronwen and Ronda Olshefski are fantastic and sexy as "hell" as the three evil vixens. Production wise the film looks fantastic, the effects used during the sacrifices were very creepy and effective.

I wasn't sure what I was getting before I popped this into my DVD player but it didn't take long for me to realize that this was a very unique, funny and highly entertaining film. The film has a sinister feel to it the entire time yet it still maintains that comic edge all the way up to it's sensational, unexpected ending.

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"Sisterhood of Death" is a highly entertaining film with outstanding effects and make-up, enough sexiness for all the guys, wonderful evil and comedic performances and a story that sucks you in and doesn't spit you out till the credits begin to roll. I highly recommend checking this out, you can follow the film's progress by visiting it's Official site HERE and it's Facebook page HERE.

I want to thank Director, Antony De Gennaro for sending me out a screener, I highly enjoyed it and I look forward to seeing what this talented filmmaker has coming in the future.

Released by SOD Productions LLC

**** Out Of *****