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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Roland Gaspar, Malcolm Ferreira, Shaun Myburg

Director: Mark Lebenon

Genre: Action/Crime

Year: 2009

Rating: NR

Forced by a corrupt Chinese man to steal information off a computer, an affable IT guy - George - finds himself surrounded by violence and mayhem as he tries to get the disc with information to the crime lord. Thwarted each step of the way by ruthless killers determined to stop him, George must race against time to save his girlfriend's life. But he soon learns that it will take more then guts to survive the day.

I guess if you wanted to you could compare this to any other action/crime film out there but if you just sit back and take it for what it is then I got to say you get a pretty entertaining ride. Like any film big or small this is not without it's flaws, I felt the story could of given us a bit more background on the charters so you could get a little more personal with them but in the end that really was a minor detail considering what the theme is here. This was also most of the actor's first time and I thought they are did a terrific job considering the material at hand and all made their characters realistic. Also this was the first time Writer/Director, Mark Lebenon has been behind the camera(he has one other writing credit on his resume)and I thought he did a great job at keeping the film moving at a brisk pace, he certainly seems to have an eye for the genre. The film was shot in South Africa but it had that British feel to it as far as action flicks go. To go into the story is tough without giving away key parts of the film and I think this is one to watch and not be told about so I will leave the story alone but if you like fast cars, in your face action and gore then this is a film you are sure to enjoy. Certainly different than your normal action flick in a lot of ways and I really enjoyed the non-Hollywood ending as well. If your looking for something to watch with action I highly recommend giving this one a try, I also enjoyed the "washed-out" cinematography used here it gave the film that needed grit. Over-all this was a fun film to watch and I look forward to seeing what this Director comes up with next as well as all the main cast members. If your looking for a meaningful story or some special effects bloated action flick look elsewhere but if you want a straight forward action flick that delivers on what it promises then I got to say be sure to pick this up today. The DVD comes with special features that include:

Essay by critic Bill Gibron

Still Gallery


Released by Cinema Epoch

*** 1/2 Out Of *****