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Cast: Justin Henry, Aja Pollock, Ray Rosales, Marissa Joy Davis, Jose Rosete

Supporting Cast: Laurie Love, Eryn Gitelis, Heather Michelle Robinson, Dominic Ross, Marti Swanson, Kevin Tye, Nicole Loren Winters

Director: Liam Owen, Brian Skiba

Genre: Horror/Suspense/Thriller

Year: 2012

Rating: NR

In February of 2006 a documentary film crew from Dallas, Texas followed a young woman as she began her career in the porn industry. By March, she had disappeared.

Documentary filmmaker Matt with his cameraman Robbie and and his soundgirl and ex-girlfiend Mya in tow decides to make a documentary about the porn industry. The project doesn't start off well because Matt can't seem to control himself around the porn stars and it creates friction between him and Mya who was enjoying a romantic kiss with him earlier. To make matters worse Matt meets Alyssa who is new to the industry and hasn't even done any work yet. Matt is so awestruck over Alyssa that he decides to make the film strictly about her which makes Robbie and Mya angry because they don't agree with his decision. Things get worse when Matt decides to give her the film's entire budget not only as her pay but as a chance to spend a night together. A week goes by and after Alyssa goes to an audition for a film she disappears and to make matters worse Robbie and Mya have turned up dead. Matt is then arrested for killing them. He tells the police that Alyssa had fallen for a snuff filmmaker and had vanished but as the policemen dig deeper they begin to piece together a much more horrific scenario.

The film is played out as Matt sits in jail and tells his side of the story to the police. The great thing about the film is that Director's, Liam Owen and Brian Skiba feed you a little about what happened at a time, keeping the audience guessing all the way to the very end on who the killer was and what really happened. The film is also based off a true story which makes it that much more frightening and intriguing. There is some violence in the film but the focus is mostly on the characters and what happened to Alyssa, Robbie and Mya which makes the film very engaging and interesting.

The cast did a terrific job playing their characters including Marissa Joy Davis as Alyssa, Justin Henry as Matt, Aja Pollock as Mya and Ray Rosales as Robbie. The supporting cast were all terrific as well giving convincing performances. The horror comes from the actual idea that this all really happened, more a well done suspense/thriller that keeps you on the edge the entire time waiting to find out what will happen next. This is a well-made, clever and smart film that fan's of genre are sure to enjoy so I recommend checking it out. I look forward to seeing what all involved have coming out next.

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Released by Midnight Releasing

*** 3/4 Out Of *****