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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Michael Hogan, Magda Apanowicz, David Cubitt

Director: Sheldon Wilson

Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi

Year: 2012

Rating: PG-13

It's Christmas Eve in Normal, Alaska, and not a flake of snow has fallen yet. But when mysterious earthquakes, explosive fires, ice meteors and underground spikes suddenly strike the quaint mountain village, the local sheriff (David Cubitt of ''Medium''), his helicopter pilot wife (Laura Harris of ''Dead Like Me'' and ''24'') and their two kids must figure out why nature hates the holidays. Could a supernatural snow globe be triggering this season of destruction, or will a massive volcano roast Earth's chestnuts forever?

Syfy channel movies are normally a hit and miss thing but I think this one ranks amongst their best to date. It's Christmas eve in the little town of Normal, Alaska and the Miller family has just received a mysterious package that was left on their doorstep. When they open it the find what looks like an ordinary snow globe with an exact replica of their town inside but this isn't a normal snow globe, it's cursed and it has a timer that goes off every hour causing devastation both inside the globe and in their little town as well.

Finally an original story for a change, I was beginning to think those were a thing of the past anymore. "Snowmageddon" has alot going for it and it's a busy film with a few nice twists along the way so I'm not going to go into any more details here concerning the plot so not to ruin the film for those that may be waiting to see it but I can tell you that this is the best Syfy channel movie I have seen in some time, everything about the film including the special effects are above average here.

The story is unique and cleverly written, it reminded me a lot of Stephen King and the kind of work he does. The story wastes no time getting going and the action and suspense last till the credits begin to roll. Could the film of been better? Sure it could have but you have to remember that this is a made for television movie that doesn't have a big Hollywood budget so I was quite impressed with how it how turned out. Another reason this was better than average is the film's cast, everyone in the film did a terrific job but I must give a shout out to it's two main star's and the head of the Miller family Laura Harris and David Cubbit. The film also stars Magda Apanowicz and Michael Hogan who are terrific as well.

Production wise the film looks great and the effects are very well done all things considered. I couldn't help but wonder how good this could of been if the film had a bigger budget but as it is it is still a well done, highly entertaining horror/sci-fi that I highly recommend checking out even if you're not a fan of the Syfy channel and their movies. You can order the DVD HERE and the Blu-ray HERE.

Just in time for Christmas, "Snowmageddon" storms it's way onto home video so be sure to pick up this highly enjoyable flick.

Released by Anvhor Bay Entertainment

**** Out Of *****