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Cast: Samuel P. Espinoza

Director:Patrick Rea

Genre: Horror/Drama

Year: 2020

Rating: NR

It still feels kind of strange to be living trough a pandemic but imagine a different kind of outbreak, demon possession. The film tells the story of Ian, who is one of a group of citizens who are being trained to battle the outbreak which is spreading like wildfire across the country.

As 'Spiritual Practice' opens he is tasked to perform an exorcism on a young lady but his failure to complete his mission shows he is not ready.

To talk more about the Short Film would only ruin it for those waiting to see it but I will say that it had me hooked right from the start and it kept me engaged the entire time.

After the great opening scene the film it then settles in to give us the story line and develop the characters. And then it finishes with a knockout ending that leaves you wanting a whole lot more.

That is quite impressive work considering the film clocks in at under 10 minutes. Credit has to go to Writer/Director, Patrick Rea and his impressive cast including Samuel P. Espinoza who plays Ian. Rea is no stranger to Short Films, he has quite the resume under his belt and has become a master of story-telling.

'Spiritual Practice' is a tense, original Short film that begs to be expanded in to a feature film but as it stands it is a gem of a film that needs to be seen. To find out when and where you might be able to check out the film visit Patrick Rea's Facebook page HERE.

***** Out Of *****