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Director: Baillie Walsh

Genre: Documentary/Music

Year: 2013

Rating: N/A

Forty years ago, Bruce Springsteen burst onto the rock scene and changed it forever. His music defines a generation, but behind the songs were remarkable stories about the fans who lived them. Now audiences everywhere can discover how the sound of Bruce Springsteen became the soundtrack to our lives.

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There has been many documentaries about many different musical acts over the years but none of them are quite like this one from Director, Baillie Walsh. Instead of creating a film about the life, the band members and the lengthy career of The Boss Baillie instead created a film about what it is like to be and how much it means to be a fan of one of rock and roll's biggest stars. Seen through the eyes of numerous fans in the film who tell us all what it means to be to be a fan. Some share personal experiences they have had with Bruce but they are have one thing in common, their love and admiration for him.

Like I said before this documentary could have went a different way but I really enjoyed the film and the intimate/personal take on this remarkable relationship between Bruce and his fans. One that stood out to be was that his fan base seems to contain both young and old alike, that alone is a pretty big feat considering he has been at this for 40 years. The fan interviews, personal footage and archive footage are at times very emotional and inspiring. I am not going to go into major details about what is said and shown because this is one film that needs to be seen rather than told about. It is an experience that left me touched and I was thinking about it long after it was over.

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Distributed by NCM Fathom Events and produced by Ridley Scott Associates and Mr. Wolf, Springsteen and I will play in select U.S. movie theatres on Monday, July 22 and Tuesday, July 30 at 7:30 p.m. local time. The cinema event will also feature unreleased big-screen performance highlights from the London Hard Rock Calling Wrecking Ball tour and a behind-the-scenes fan meet-and-greet with their hero. This is truly event for any one that loves music, I loved every bit of the film, he connection the fans have with Bruce is not only personal but spiritual as well, I was impressed with his willingness to go that extra yard for them as well. You can order tickets HERE. I also recommend visiting the film's Official Site HERE.

"Springsteen and I" is a triumph in filmmaking, even if you are not a fan you are sure to enjoy the film, you will be amazed by the love the fans and Bruce share for each other. This is one film I highly recommend checking out, it is touching, funny, engaging and you get to enjoy some great rock and roll...what more could you ask for from The Boss.

***** Out Of *****