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Cast: Connor Paolo, Nick Damici, Laura Abramsen

Director: Dan Berk, Robert Olsen

Genre: Action/Horror

Year: 2017

Rating: NR

When his home of New Eden is destroyed by a revitalized Brotherhood and its new Vamp leader, Martin finds himself alone in the badlands of America with only the distant memory of his mentor and legendary vampire hunter, Mister, to guide him.

"Stake Land 2" takes place several years after the first film. New Eden is under attack, Martin tries unsuccessfully to protect his wife and daughter from an attack of vampires led by a blonde vampire. He then sets out to find his old buddy, vampire hunter Mister to help him to kill the vampire leader who murdered his family. Along the way he meets up with some people who are not vampires but they are just as dangerous. He also has a run in with the brotherhood and meets a group of good people who he settles in with as he plans his course of revenge.

"Stake Land 2" is a little slow moving and moody at first as Martin sets out for North America to find Mister. At the beginning there is very little dialogue in the film but the film's score keeps the film moving forward at a good pace. There isn't as much action in this film as there was in the original but I liked the story and found the characters to be both interesting and easy to care about.

Director's, Dan Berk and Robert Olsen keep Writer, Nick Damici's story moving at a nice pace. The film looks and sounds amazing as well, the landscapes are like a character themselves. I am not going to sit here and say that this was as good as the first film because it was not but sequels very rarely are but I have to admit I found it to be much more entertaining than I expected to.

I can't forget to mention the vampires and action, the make-up work and effects are again fantastic and although the film isn't as action packed there is still plenty of action and blood to please all horror fans. The film brings back some of the key cast and creative team behind the post-apocalyptic hit Stake Land. Nick Damici (Hap and Leonard) reprises his role as Mister and is also the screenwriter, while Connor Paolo (Gossip Girl, Revenge) is back as Martin, and director Jim Mickle (We Are What We Are, Cold in July) is back as executive producer.

"Stake Land 2" is another entertaining post-apocalyptic vampire flick that has a lot going for it including, a great cast, suspense, tension, action, drama and the right amount of carnage to please fans of the original. The Apocalyptic Thriller Comes to HD Digital Platforms on February 7, 2017 so be sure to check it out.

Released by Dark Sky Films

*** 3/4 Out Of *****