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Cast: David Afflick, Audrey Noone

Director: Chris Esper

Genre: Comedy

Year: 2015

Rating: NR

A man whose life is threatened by his wife when he gives her steak knives as a birthday gift.

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"Steak Knives" tells the story of John and Katrine, a couple that's been married for 14 years. As the story opens it is Katrine's birthday and another couple is just leaving after helping to celebrate it. Alone at last, Katrine has had enough because her husband bought her steak knives for her birthday. She pounces on him and threatens to take him out but the anger goes a bit deeper than the knife set. It seems John had a bit of a slip up a few years back, one that Katrine has never forgot.

I am not going to go into anymore details here because I do not want to ruin the surprises that await in this well-written, comedy Short. The story focuses on the main two characters and the two main lead actors, David Afflick and Audrey Noone gives brilliant, over the top performances. The two play off each other perfectly making the film a really enjoyable watch. Credit must also go to Writer, John King Fiore for creating such a naughty yet hilarious story and to Chris Esper whose direction was flawless.

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"Steak Knives" has played at four film festivals so far, including winning Best Comedy Short at the Culver City Film Festival and for good reason. It's a devilish comedy that serves up a delicious plate of humor that leaves you wanting more. This is a great little film that has everything going for it so be sure to check it out HERE. I also recommend checking out Director, Chris Esper's Facebook page to keep tabs on his blooming career HERE.

***** Out Of *****