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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Kevin Sorbo (SOUL SURFER), Kristy Swanson (TV’S PSYCH) , C Thomas Howell (THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN, TV’S SOUTHLAND), Dani Chuchran

Director: Craig Clyde

Genre: Family

Year: 2013

Rating: PG

Spoiled 18-yr old Dani Fieldings’ world is turned upside down when her father gets arrested for securities fraud, and she has to leave her upscale life in the city to stay with her gruff Uncle Sam out in the country. As Dani and her uncle struggle to bond, she’s given an orphaned horse to foster and train. Dani pours her affection into this young horse, calling her Stormy and giving her all the attention she’s missing from her unsettled life. Dani soon realizes that truly caring about others is the answer to most of life’s biggest problems. And when her uncle and friends need her the most, Dani and Stormy work together to save the day and learn the true meaning of the word, “family.”

"Storm Rider" is about Dani, a 18-year old girl who is used to getting everything she wants no matter what but when her father is sent to prison for security fraud she is forced to moved to the country and live with her single Uncle who is use to being alone. Dani has a tough time at first as she tries to get use to her new life but when a friend of her Uncle's gives her an orphaned mule things begin to change. Everyone tells Dani that mules are useless and cannot learn anything but she quickly give out that they are all wrong. But just as things are starting to look up her uncle and brother get in a plane crash, well everyone scrambles to find them before it is two late Dani and Stormy ride out alone in hopes of finding them in time.

"Storm Rider" was a mix of good and bad for me. First let me explain what I did not like about the film. First off it is not much different from dozens of other family films like it, it is predictable and full of the same old cliches but it was not those two things that bothered me. The one that stood out to be was how bad the dialogue was at times, not only was it bad but it was cheesy as well which made the acting look bad as well at times and that is too bad because the acting over-all was very good but the writing let them down from time to time.

Like I said before it was a mixed bag for me so not everything was bad, despite its flaws the film's heart was in the right place and it sent some strong messages about putting others before yourself and the importance of family. I thought the film was an entertaining one and it is a good film for families to watch together even with its flaws. I already spoke a little about the cast but before I forget let me gives a mention to the film's leads. Kristy Swanson is excellent as the uncle's neighbor and love interest in the film and Kevin Sorbo is very good as the uncle but I was really taken in by Danielle Chuchran who plays Dani. She does a terrific job in the film and is as beautiful as she is talented. I hope to see a lot more of her in the future. The supporting cast which includes C Thomas Howell all did a solid job as well.

So over-all the film was good enough for me to recommend but like I said it could of been a bit better if the story and writing were more on par with the acting which is what ultimately saves the film and it is the reason I am giving it the rating I am. If you like this types of family films then I recommend checking it out. Available on DVD with no Special Features, you can order it HERE.

Released by Arc Entertainment

*** Out Of *****