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Cast: Christopher M. Clark, Taylor Coffman, Sean Galdo, Eco Lopez, Michael Mandell, James M. Hausler

Director: James M. Hausler

Genre: Drama

Year: 2019

Rating: R

An old grudge, a misunderstood sexual advance and a drug score hurl three suburban teens into a head on collision of lust, intoxication, and pent up aggression.

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'Suicide Trip' tells the story of Tommy, his brother Richard and his friend, Colby. Tommy just doesn't like anything or anyone which makes him an outcast at school while is brother on the other hand is the most popular guy in school with the ladies and the guys. His buddy Colby is a rapper wannabe who doesn't like Tommy too much. One day the head cheerleader, Sasha asks Richard to bring Tommy out with him that night to a party so she can "have" him in the same way she had Richard.

Before heading out to the party Richard and Colby enjoy some cocaine before waking up Tommy and sharing a pack of shrooms with him that Colby picked up from the local drug dealer who doesn't like Colby, but then again not many do. The teens wait a bit for the drugs to kick in before heading out to the party but what should have been a night of fun turns tragic after they arrive at the party.

'Suicide Trip' was out 15 years ago but it never did get the release it was suppose to get or deserved to get. Now it is back and totally remastered in 4k. If you read the above synopsis you get the idea that the film has a simple story to it and you would be correct but what makes it different from other films like it the way Writer/Director, James M. Hausler tells his story. He breaks it down into what you could call four chapters. Each one follows the events of that tragic night through the eyes of the main characters. First is Tommy and then Colby followed by Richard and then topping it off with the drug dealer, Brent. Each one tells a little different story about how things went down while filling in some gaps as well. Brent's story tops off the story with a surprising twist.

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'Suicide Trip' is a unique and original take on the high school drama. It is about a broken family, a hateful family member, jealousy and revenge. At the heart of the film is a coming of age drama but there are other elements to the story as well including comedy and it is part thriller as well especially as the film moves along.

This was Writer/Director, James M. Hausler's first film as a writer, director and actor. He plays Tommy in the film along side, Christopher M. Clark who plays Colby and Michael Mandell who plays Richard. All three give natural and stellar performances and they play off each other perfectly making everything feel so realistic. The rest of the cast including, Taylor Coffman, Sean Galdo and Eco Lopez were all great as well.

'Suicide Trip' has lots of fun moments in it and it does come with lots of laughs but in the end this is a tragic tale that should and could have been avoided so it does leave you thinking about it and the characters long after the film is over. The film was shot of a small budget and the way the story was told makes the film a bit off the wall but it is one film I don't think you will soon forget.

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'Suicide Trip' is a gem that is finally getting its second chance to shine and I see no reason why it shouldn't take off once word of mouth gets out. You can rent or stream the film now. More information is over at the film's official web site HERE. I enjoyed this film and highly recommend it to all. You can rent or buy the film from any of these places:




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**** Out Of *****