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Cast: Emma Fitzpatrick (The Social Network, In Time), Angela Gulner (Glow), Jennifer Lafleur (Big Little Lies, Billions), Sibongile Mlambo (Teen Wolf, Lovecraft Country)

Director: Gia Elliot

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Year: 2022

Rating: NR

Finding herself the victim of a violent monster attack, Jane launches a vigilante campaign to hunt the beast that tried to kill her. Jane's efforts intensify, but her troubling history of drug use and mental illness bubbles to the surface causing her family, community, and authorities to question the authenticity of her account. Suddenly alone in her fight, Jane starts to doubt her own memory of the doubt if Monster exists at all.

'Take Back the Night' tells the story of Jane, an artist who is out celebrating a party for her new work. As time goes on she begins to get drunk and high and even has sex in the bathroom with a stranger. When her friend gets sick she is told to go home but when Jane helps her out to her ride she gets locked out and decides to walk home.

She decides to walk through some seedy alleyways when she is attacked by some kind of creature. Making her way to the hospital where she is treated for her injuries no one including her own sister believes her story. She was arrested in the past and her mother had mental problems and even tried to drunk Jane when she was little. Now she must fight to stay alive well getting the lead detective to believe her story.

If the film's title seems familiar it's before it is the title of the 'Take Back the Night Foundation' that helps fight sexual abuse. Director, Gia Elliot also wrote the script with the film's leading actress, Emma Fitzpatrick. This type of film is not an easy one to make because you have to get your message out while still making the film entertaining and Elliot does exactly that. From the start, the audience questions Jane as well who is being accused of self-harm and making the story up. While the film is a character-driven horror/drama/thriller it also has some genuine scares along with loads of tension and suspense.

Before I close this review let me also mention how amazing the entire was including, Emma Fitzpatrick, Angela Gulner, Jennifer Lafleurz and Sibongile Mlambo.'Take Back the Night' hits all the right notes when it comes to horror and its well-intended messages. It also has one of the creepiest creatures I have seen in some time. The film will be in Select Theaters and Digital Platforms On March 4th, 2022. Some dates are below so be sure to check out this gem if it is playing in your area...

March 3rd: Marietta, GA - Renegade Film Festival

March 4th:

Theater Listing:

Los Angeles - Cinelounge Rooftop Cinema (one night only)

Columbus - Gateway Film Center

Albuquerque - Guild Cinema

Kansas City - Screenland

Digital Availability:

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Released by Dark Sky Films

**** 1/2 Out Of *****