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Cast: Danielle Vega, Glenn Plummer, King Kedar, Michelle Van Der Water, Sean Christopher

Director: Al Franklin, Pamela J. Richardson

Genre: Horror

Year: 2015

Rating: NR

A beautiful diva is murdered on the set of horror director Vincent Augustine’s latest film “Chapel Blood.” Somewhere between the crime scene and the coroner’s van, the body mysteriously disappears. Meanwhile, the city’s supply of donated blood is being dangerously depleted. Suspecting a connection between the events, detectives Mike Hung and Sasha Colfax go undercover at the studio to investigate. Their attempt to crack the case quickly turns into a desperate battle for survival when they uncover an age-old war between rival vampire covens that threatens to consume humanity in a final, grisly assault of Teeth & Blood!

I am not going to go into any more plot details here so not to ruin the few surprises that awaits those who will be watching this film, instead I will tell you how I felt about it. For starters I really liked the DVD artwork, it really grabs your attention. But after I watched the trailer my hopes faded because it just was not very impressive. But I still went into it with an open mind. Sadly my first impression about the film was right. It wants to be a modern day vampire film but it just doesn't do things good enough to make it enjoyable. Sure it does have a few things going for it, one being Glenn Plummer who plays one of the leads in the film, there are also a few other actors that give above average performances as well but for the most part it is weak in the acting category.

Another thing I noticed right from the start was that the film attempted to add a good bit of humor into the story as well, the film is listed as a horror but it is more a horror comedy. The problem is a good bit of the humor is not funny and the horror lacks any real scares.

I understand that the film was done on a low budget but even so it fails on most fronts. There is an occasional good moment here and there but for the most part it is just a mess. Too bad because Plummer gives a good performance all things considered and it does have some very sexy ladies in it as well.

"Teeth and Blood" is not the worse film I have ever seen but it is not a good one either. I cannot really recommend it but if you like horror and are looking for something new to watch then rent it, otherwise I say pass.

Available on DVD with no Special features. You can order it HERE.

Released by UMC/RLJ Entertainment

* 3/4 Out Of *****