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Cast: Dan Fogler, Emma Bell, Danny Pudi, Maggie Q, Cleopatra Coleman and Tyler James Williams, with Charlotte McKinney, Karan Brar, Marielle Scott, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett and Mark Ryder

Director: Robert Schwartzman

Genre: Comedy

Year: 2020

Rating: NR

THE ARGUMENT follows Jack (Dan Fogler from the Fantastic Beasts franchise) and his girlfriend, Lisa (Emma Bell from The Walking Dead) as they get into an argument during a get together with some friends over wine and charcuterie in their apartment. As the argument escalates, the party comes to an end and all their friends leave — but the party isn’t really over. Jack and Lisa recreate the party over and over again — with all their guests — in order to figure out who was right.

'The Argument' tells the story of Jack and Lisa a young couple who get into an argument during a party with a group of friends. The argument gets to the point where it breaks up the party and everyone goes home. After they go to bed the argument continues until the come up with a not so bright idea...invite everyone back and recreate the night to see which one of them was right.

Of course re-creating the night proves to be a challenge and the night doesn't go exactly as planned so they decide to do it another night and another and get the idea.

And then from out of the blue Jack invites a group of want to be actors to read from the script Jack has created. This too leads to more confusion until. Will the young couple be able to settle their argument in time for Jack to surprise Lisa?

'The Argument' is the 3rd feature film from Director, Robert Schwartzman. The film is comedy of errors that allows for a lot of humor from just about everyone in the film which just happens to have an impressive cast. Lets start with Dan Fogler and Emma Bell who play Jack and Lisa. The two play off each other brilliantly. But even though they are considered the stars of the film they certainly have a lot of company including Maggie Q, Danny Pudi, Tyler James Williams and Cleopatra Coleman to name a few of the amazing supporting cast. While the argument itself seems a bit silly the film also addresses race, commitment and trust as well.

And at the heart of it all the film is a comedy with loads of laughs and interesting and zany characters. 'The Argument' is a unique, funny and totally bonkers comedy with a terrific ensemble cast so be sure to check it out when it opens theaters and on demand from September 4th.

Released by Gravitas Ventures

**** Out Of *****