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Cast: Vincent Price, Agnes Moorehead

Director: Crane Wilbur

Genre: Horror/Thriller/Mystery

Year: 1959/2015

Rating: NR

The Bat, said to be a man with no face, is a master criminal involved in robberies and murders. This crazed killer is on the loose in a creepy mansion full of people and whose true identity is only revealed at the end.

"The Bat" was originally released in 1959, now it is available for the first time restored in HD from 35mm elements. The film stars Agnes Moorehead who is terrific as the mysterious novelist Cornelia Van Gorder, he rents a country house where a killer is on the loose. The film also stars Vincent Price and Gavin Gordon .

Listed as a horror/thriller/mystery I don't think it is really a horror film but instead more a thriller with loads of suspense and it does a great job of keeping the killer's identity secret till the end. Moorehead and Price are both amazing in the film and the supporting cast is excellent as well.

If you love this old classics as much as I do then you have to be excited that it is finally available remastered on Blu-ray from The Film Detective. "The Bat" is truly a cult classic that has deserved this kind of treatment for a long time. It is in widescreen and 16X9 and it looks fantastic, easily the best release of the film to date. You can order the Blu-ray HERE. A fantastic transfer to a fun classic, I highly recommend adding this to your collection and at the same time supporting releases such as this in hopes that more will follow.

The Film Detective

***** Out Of *****