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Cast: Jarrod Crooks, Scott Brault, Erin Antilla, Dj Quaile, Andrew Stecker, Jocelyn Sanchez, Sara Atkinson, Doug Phillips, Indiana Arnold

Director: Jarrod Crooks

Genre: Christmas/Comedy

Year: 2022

Rating: NR

'The Big Gift' tells the story of Chris, his wife Jen, and their boy, Everett. It is Christmas and Chris has just been fired from his job but he is determined to work side jobs to get his boy the one gift he wants the most, the big gift. A dinosaur Chris himself had when he was little and a very rare and expensive toy.


This Christmas is going to be different because Chris is sick and tired of Santa getting the credit every year for the gifts. He is determined to put his name on the gift no matter what but there is one problem...Santa who has gotten wind of Chris's plan and is not having it.

Especially since Santa's ratings have fallen off in the last few years. So Santa has his elves kidnap Chris and he gives him a stern warning to make sure Santa's name is on the package. After Chris ignores the warning Santa steals the package to ensure he gets the credit but Chris is not going to give up and decides to go after the package himself.


The first thing I noticed about 'The Big Gift' was how amazing the film looked. Technically is a beautiful-looking film and the sound as well was spot on. At almost two hours long Director, Jarrod Crooks doesn't waste a second. The film is filled with action, comedy, and a cast that delivers amazing performances from the start to finish.

Director, Jarrod Crooks also stars in the film alongside Erin Antilla who plays Jen and also co-wrote the film with Jarrod Crooks. Both give great performances but they are not the only ones. Dj Quaile gives a fantastic performance as Ned, an elve who had a falling out with Santa and has been living on the street.

Scott Brault plays Santa perfectly and is really buffed as well. And last but not least Indiana Arnold who plays Everett gives a great performance. This kid really has the acting chops and I look forward to seeing what else he does. The rest of the cast is all terrific as well.


I have to admit I enjoyed the film a lot more than I expected to only because of how impressed I was with the entire film.

'The Big Gift' is a smart, well-written comedy with lots of action, great locations, and perfect special effects. This is a must-see/own Christmas film that the entire family can enjoy each and every year.

The film does have fight scenes and a little cursing so it is for kids over 8 years of age. 'The Big Gift' rivals anything Hollywood produces. I suggest keeping an eye out for release dates by visiting the Director's Facebook page HERE.

If this film doesn't put you in a Christmas mood then you don't have a heart. Be sure to check out this Holiday gem that is sure to be a Christmas Classic.

Released by JC Films

***** Out Of *****