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Cast: Lonnie Chavis (“This Is Us”, The Water Man), Ezra Dewey (“Criminal Minds”), and Kristin Bauer van Straten (“True Blood”)

Director: David Charbonier/Justin Powell

Genre: Horror/Mystery/Thriller

Year: 2022

Rating: NR

In THE BOY BEHIND THE DOOR, a night of unimaginable terror awaits twelve-year-old Bobby and his best friend, Kevin, when they are abducted on their way home from school. Managing to escape his confines, Bobby navigates the dark halls, praying his presence goes unnoticed as he avoids his captor at every turn. Even worse is the arrival of another stranger, whose mysterious arrangement with the kidnapper spells certain doom for Kevin. With no means of calling for help and miles of dark country in every direction, Bobby embarks on a rescue mission, determined to get himself and Kevin out alive...or die trying.

'The Boy Behind the Door' tells the story of 12-year-old Bobby and his best friend Kevin. They are as close as close can get when it comes to being best friends. In fact, they even made plans to go to L.A. after graduating from school.

But their lives quickly change when they are abducted on their way home from school. Kevin is taken inside the house while Bobby is left in the trunk of the car. Clearly Kevin was the main target and Bobby was caught in the cross fire as well. Bobby Finds a way to escape the trunk and he heads out into the empty woods in order to escape but after hearing the screams from Kevin he decides to go back and resue his friend.

'The Boy Behind the Door' is a cat and mouse thriller from Director's, David Charbonier and Justin Powell. The two also wrote the film together as well. Right from the start you are engaged in the story because the film wastes no time in getting going. From there you are glued to the scrreen waiting to find out why the boys were taken and you are rooting for Bobby to free Kevin before they both are killed.

The film is full of suspense and tension around every corner and there is plenty of drama, action and mystery mixed in as well. The film isn't without it's moments where you might say, "that is not very logical" but those moments are few and every movie has them. Over-all the film is a tense thrill ride that will have you hanging on to your seats all the way up it's final frame. The cast give good performances all around especially from its kid star's, Lonnie Chavis and Ezra Dewey as Bobby and Kevin.

'The Boy Behind the Door' will be released on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K UHD DVD/Blu-ray SteelBook® on March 15th. If you like a good thriller then pick this one up.

Released by RLJE Films

*** 3/4 Out Of *****