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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Ken Shamrock, Mike Brown

Director: Joe Black

Genre: Action/Adventure, War

Year: 2014

Rating: NR

Set in the uncharted lands of “The Ho Bo Woods” of southern Vietnam 1965, The Bunker is a fictional story of courage and heroism. Pvt. Schenke attempts to save his fellow troops and an accused North Vietnamese Army operative from a rogue Special Forces unit lead by a madman called Ranger. Escape becomes a matter of strength, daring and brute force as Pvt. Schenke and his fellow soldiers try to evade Ranger and his renegade Special Forces squad while operating out of an abandoned bunker. The death toll runs high in brutal, bloody scenes that take hand-to-hand combat to an adrenaline pumped climax.

"The Bunker" is a war story that takes place in "The Ho Bo Woods" in southern Vietnam 1965. Pvt. Johannes Schenke attempts to save an alleged North Vietnamese Army operative a long with his fellow soldiers when a rogue band of officers start taking their own hostage. They are led by a terminally ill officer named Ranger. He has turn into a delusional madman.

"The Bunker" is a bit different from you might expect, you never really see any U.S. Soldiers fighting the enemy but then again the story focuses on a band of U.S. Soldiers who have gone bad, taking their own hostage, cutting off their fingers and killing them.

The film is going to take most people off guard with its non standard story line but considering the budget I did not think it was all that bad a film. Granted I did not think it was that great either. A few things I thought were bad, some of the acting was weak and the story can seem a bit confusing at times. And a few good things I did like, some of if not all the hand to hand fighting was pretty well done if not short and I enjoyed seeing Ken Shamrock again in a film.

"The Bunker" is not going to be for everyone, a lot but get too bored because the story appears to be repetitive at times and there is not any real combat scenes in the film either since it centers on this band of soldiers gone bad and one who vows to stop them. To me the film falls a bit below average, my best recommendation would be to fans of Shamrock. But if you like war films then pick it up just do not expect a traditional story here. The film's official site states that a second film is in the works, lets hope they can learn from this a make a little better film the next time around.

Released by Inception Media

** Out Of *****