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Cast: Meegan Warner, Sondra Kerr Blake, Sean Martini, Chanel Celaya, Barry Jenner, Irwin Keyes, Anna Khaja, Mike Gomez, Sophia Santi, Sadie Stratton, Wyndoline Landry, Rafael J. Noble

Director: Jeff Prugh

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Year: 2016

Rating: NR

A young woman returns home to care for her sickly grandmother only to begin sleepwalking, envisioning spirits and uncovering the dark secrets of her family's past.

After Birdie, an older woman with needs scares off her latest caretaker with her strange behavior Mallorie, her granddaughter is called to go back home to take care of her. Mallorie, hasn't been back home in years and now in her twenties she is very reluctant but decides to go anyway.

After arriving her and her boyfriend, August find out that Birdie has had several caretakers that left or were fired. August, her boyfriend doesn't like the idea of Mallorie having to take care of her grandmother but when Mallorie starts sleep walking while repeating his name over and over again he becomes convinced that they need to hire a new caretaker and get out of dodge as soon as possible. But things get even stranger when Mallorie begins seeing a little girl around and her grandmother starts to summons the spirit of an old circus clown. Now Mallorie must find out about the secrets of her past before fate catches up to her and keeps her in the old mansion forever.

"The Caretaker" is an award winning horror/thriller. The film has a lot going for it including, an engaging story that not only keeps the audience glued to the screen but it also keeps the audience guessing as to what is going to happen. The story has a good bit of mystery to it but it also creates fear and suspense as it moves along and we begin to find out the family secrets that Mallorie doesn't remember because she was too young.

Another thing the film has going for it is the acting, the entire cast is terrific but the three main leads drive the film forward. Meegan Warner is excellent as the young lady, Meegan Warner and Sean Martini is impressive as the boyfriend, August but to me the true star of the film was, Sondra Blake who gave an incredible performance as Birdie. Her performance was both spooky and unsettling.

And last but not least I was really impressed with the production values. The film was obviously done on a low budget but you would never know that by watching it. Everything about the production was top notch including the cinematography and the sound.

"The Caretaker" is an original and unique horror/thriller that immediately gets in your head and as it moves along it gets under your skin as well. The film doesn't offer up blood and guts because it doesn't have to. It is a deliberately slow moving thriller that is driven by its story and characters. So if you are looking for lots of killings and blood this isn't the movie for you. Fans of Independent films are going to want to check this out for sure and I see it being a sleeper hit when it comes to VOD September 30th and DVD on October 25th.

"The Caretaker" is a creepy horror/thriller that has great atmosphere and characters you actually care for. I highly recommend checking it out.

Released by Level 33 Entertainment

**** Out Of *****