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Cast: Cristina Rodlo, René Monclova, Axel Anderson

Director: Roberto Busó García

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Year: 2013

Rating: NR

In this haunting psychological thriller, dark and terrible secrets hidden in an old mansion stir back to life when the original owner of the house returns. Beautiful Ana travels to a remote town to transform the abandoned family mansion into a museum detailing her father s scientific and humanitarian achievements. She discovers that the mysterious caretaker has kept the house in pristine fashion. However, the townspeople now destitute and helpless do not welcome her warmly. And neither does the house.

"The Condemned" is a really hard film to talk about because it is one of those movies that is easy to spoil if you expose to much of the plot. The movie focuses on Ana who returns with her sick father to his estate to set up a little museum in his honor. Ana's father was a leading researcher in the cure for cancer, She expects the locals to flock to his estate and honor him for all he's done but instead they are met with a cold hostility. Shortly after that strange things begin happening and Ana attempts to figure out why the town is so angry and what is causing these strange things that are happening.

"The Condemned" isn't really scary but it doesn't try to be either, instead it's a creepy and engaging psychological thriller that gets under your skin. It's a slow burn that slowly reveals it's secrets as the film moves along. The film waits till the very end reveal it's biggest twist, it's one you might or might not pick up on early but either way it's a satisfying finish to a thriller full of suspense and mystery. Like I already stated the film is slow moving but Writer/Director, Roberto Busó-García does a terrific job at keeping your interest by loading the story up with plenty of atmosphere and mystery.

Maybe not the best in it's genre but the film is definitely a solid addition, it kept my interest the entire time, it also had me creeped out numerous times and it kept me waiting and wanting to know more.

Available on DVD with Special Features that include:

Spanish Language with English subtitles

Playing With Fire-- On the Set

Making The Condemned

Deleted Scenes

You can order the DVD HERE. I highly recommend checking this out if you like the genre or maybe just looking for something a bit different to watch, the film gets in your head and under your sking early and it stays there long after the credits begin to roll.

Released by Strand Releasing

*** 3/4 Out Of *****