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Cast: Valerie Tian, Elfina Luk, Ingrid Nilson

Director: Karen Lam

Genre: Drama/Horror

Year: 2023

Rating: NR

Willow Song, a recovering addict and parolee, struggles to start over. Willow finds herself in a concrete wasteland. Facing isolation and displacement, shadows creep into Willow's mind and her nightmares become too real.

'The Curse of Willow Song' tells the story of Willow Song who is an ex-con and recovering addict who is out on parole and trying to get her life together with no luck. She loses her job has her last check stolen and loses her place to live almost all at once and it leaves her more depressed and alone than before. She was sent to prison for burning down a man's business and he is still after her for it.

The film was written and directed by, Karen Lam who gets the audience invested in Willow's life right from the start. The film is slow moving and a drama for the first 50 minutes until Willow's "curse" begins to show its ugly face. Shoot in black and white it helps along with Lam's direction to create an atmosphere full of mood and dread. You feel for this young lady right from the start.

I can't say this drama/horror is going to be for everyone because of its slow, deliberate pacing but for those that like this type of film you will find it to be engaging from start to finish. The film stars, Valerie Tian who brings all the emotions out of character. It is an impressive performance and her supporting cast are all excellent as well.

'The Curse of Willow Song' is a unique drama horror that doesn't give its secrets away too early and after its amazing ending it lets the audience sort it all out which keeps you thinking about what you just saw for long after it is over. If you are looking for something a bit different than the normal horror films that come out of Hollywood then do yourself a favor and check out this little gem when it comes to digital on 9/26/2023.

Released by Uncork’d Entertainment

*** 1/2 Out Of *****