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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Lauren Fox, Lukas Hassel, Malcolm Madera

Director: Jeremiah Kipp

Genre: Drama/Mystery

Year: 2013

Rating: NR

“The Days God Slept” is a cinematic prayer that deals with love and secrets; with faith and acceptance. Kristy has a secret to tell John and when she does - will their burgeoning ties of affection be strengthened or severed? Set in an ethereal inner-city strip club, they find that the hardest thing to accept might be oneself.

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"The Days God Slept" is a new ten minute Short from Director, Jeremiah Kipp and Writer, Joe Fiorillo. This is one of the hardest films I ever had to review because everyone that sees the film will have their own ideas on what the film meant and what it was really about. But that is what makes it so terrific, I could sit here and tell you what I thought it was about but that would not make it the right conclusion and it would ruin it for others out there that have not seen the film as of yet.

What I can tell you is that this is an effective, thought-provoking and addictive film that gets you thinking right from the start and leaves you pondering long after it is over. Production wise the film looks amazing and the score by Harry Manfredin is brilliant, it really supplies much of the film's atmosphere. As far as the acting goes everyone was fantastic including film's two leads, Lauren Fox as Kristy and Malcolm Madera as John. Both were incredible together. “The Days God Slept” is a film you want to shout about so everyone knows just how special it is but in doing so you risk the chance of ruining the story for everyone else so I am going to close this review by saying that this is one of those films that quickly gets inside your head and it stays there for a very long time. It demands multiple viewings and it makes for some great conversations.

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Visit the film's Facebook page located HERE to keep up with its progress. When you can make a film that is this intense and this addictive with a ten minute run time you have something special on your hands and that is what Director, Jeremiah Kipp and Writer, Joe Fiorillo have done. Congrats to them and their cast and crew for making just a fantastic film, it was totally mesmerizing.

***** Out Of *****