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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Sarah Lassez, Dustin Fasching

Director: Travis Betz

Genre: Horror/Musical/Comedy

Year: 2012

Rating: NR

Wes and Fi are empty. Wes is a burned-out photographer and Fi is the writer’s-blocked author of zombie novellas. While their love still burns strong, artistically their hearts have been locked in a box for years.

When Fi shows signs of mental illness, Wes does everything in his power to help. He soon discovers that dark forces lurk inside and has no choice but to imprison her until he can figure out what to do with this familiar-looking person he doesn’t recognize any more. Fighting against her disturbed intruder, can the lovers rediscover inspiration in the grimmest corners of this musical horror movie?

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I really don't have a lot to add to the synopsis of the film, I'm a little late to the party here and there has been a lot said about the film already. But I will at least tell you what I felt about it. The trailer made the film look like a zany and over the top horror/musical/comedy which it is, at least that's part of what it is. That's the wonderful thing about the film, if I were to tell you you that is all the film is I would be lying because it's much more than that. The film is also a romantic drama with plenty of emotion, what starts off as this crazy comedy/zombie film soon becomes something much more. There's plenty to like here including the comedy and the hilarious and very catch tunes that will have you singing along and laughing out loud. Then there's the drama as Wes will do anything to save Fi, it's very touching really which is kind of odd because the film is just so "out there" that the drama and heart felt moments come as a bit of a surprise. That is why talking about the film too much isn't going to prepare you for it, this is a film that needs to seen to be appreciated.

I have not seen such an original film in a very long time and we need to thank Writer/Director, Travis Betz for a lot of that. He has such a wonderful yet twisted imagination, it's something we rarely see but need to see a lot more of in cinema. Another reason the film is so good is it's two lead actors, Sarah Lassez and Dustin Fasching. Both actors are simply brilliant here, they can do no wrong as they switch from the film's witty dialogue and break into song and then they take it to another level for the more dramatic scenes, simply flawless.

Production wise the film film looks amazing considering the budget here, everything from it's small set to the lighting and the fantastic camera work is top notch.

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"The Dead Inside" isn't going to be a film for everyone but it's also a film you will never expect it to be either. I recommend it to everyone but it's a must-see for all fan's of Independent cinema. At times funny, romantic and even sad but all along it remains highly entertaining. I loved it more than I expected to and I loved that it dared to be different. What a fun film, I certainly look forward to seeing what Director, Travis Betz has up his sleeve next and I look forward to seeing what is coming next for his new wonderful actors. Don't miss seeing this.

You can order the DVD HERE.

Released by Monarch Home Entertainment

***** Out Of *****