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Cast: Rod Luzzi, Graci Carli, Emily Rogers

Director: L. Gustavo Cooper

Genre: Horror

Year: 2014

Rating: NR

The future looks bright for newlyweds Trevor and Holly, but their dreams are about to devolve into a nightmare of unspeakable terror. On a random visit to a tarot reader, they encounter a mysterious old woman who tells them that Holly is pregnant. But soon, their joy is overshadowed by a mounting sense of dread that something sinister lurks within Holly’s womb. As the child grows within her, she begins to exhibit increasingly bizarre and violent behavior. Desperate to save his wife and unborn child, Trevor searches for answers and discovers Holly may have fallen prey to an ancient curse spawned by an evil demon with an insatiable lust for blood.

"The Devil Incarnate" is one of the more effective and intriguing "found footage" films I have seen, at least until the end. The film tells the story of Newlyweds Holly and Trevor Davidson who are celebrating their honeymoon by taking a road trip through Miami. But when Holly wants to stop to get a reading about their future things begin to go horribly wrong.

I really enjoyed the story, I was sucked into the lives of Trevor and Holly right from the start. They really seemed like a great couple who were really happy with the their lives together. I remained engaged even after things went south, the film kept be interested and always wanting to know more. And then after all the build up the end comes around and really lets the entire film down in my opinion.

The film does not offer anything new but I did enjoy it for what it was and I thought everyone in the film did a great job playing their parts. So even though the film was not anything special I thought it was quite good until the sudden and very disappointing ending. It really let down the rest of the story and it left me wondering what happened, the film did a great job telling its story and then all of a sudden it was over in a flash.

For that reason alone I cannot recommend the film even though I really did enjoy 99% of it. Watch it if you want but I do believe most people will be left as disappointed as I was.

"The Devil Incarnate" is available on DVD, you can order it HERE.

Released by Image Entertainment

** Out Of *****