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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Vanessa Bell Calloway, Angell Conwell, Tatyaya Ali, Dawnn Lewis, Judy Pace

Director: Donald Welch

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Year: 2014

Rating: NR

Successful TV anchorwoman, Yolanda Massey (Dawnn Lewis), is celebrating her recent divorce by throwing herself a divorce party with her closest sorority girlfriends. Coming along for the ride is her hilariously funny, no nonsense BFF, Eva (Vanessa Bell Calloway), her younger sister, CeCe (Angell Conwell) and her newfound friend, Victoria (Tatyana Ali). For good measure, throw in her self-absorbed mother, a sexy, younger beau and a handsome ex-husband and you are in for an evening of raucous laughter, heartache and the ultimate surprise.

"The Divorce" tells the story of Yolanda as she throws a party with a few close friends, and a few unexpected guests to celebrate the finalization of her divorce. The film is a Play that aired on television so the story takes plays out in one place which just happens to be Yolanda's new apartment.

The story is a mix of comedy, family drama and relationship drama as well. It is funny and touching and the characters are well-developed and thought out. And the cast did a fantastic job playing these wonderful characters including, Dawnn Lewis as Yolanda, Angell Conwell as her sister and Vanessa Bell Calloway as her best friend. Everyone was fantastic in the film.

I had a good time watching the film, I thought at first that the hour and 55 minute run time was going to be a bit much but the story kept my interest because there was always something going on among the characters. If you like this sort of comedy/drama then I suggest picking this up. I loved all the different characters and the fact that each brought their on story with them and many of them brought their baggage as well. The is the second film from Writer/Director, Donald Welch. He certainly has the skills to tell a good story while mixing a good dose of humor with just the right amount of drama. I look forward to see what he does next.

But in the meantime the film is now available on DVD with Special Features that include:

Photo Gallery

Interview with The Director

You can order it HERE.

Released by RLJ Entertainment/Image Entertainment

**** Out Of *****