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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Kevin Zegers, Victor Garber, Laura Vandervoort, Dustin Milligan, Devon Bostick, Tatiana Maslany, Stephen McHattie, John Bregar, Ray Liotta

Director: Aaron Woodley

Genre: Thriller

Year: 2011

Rating: R

Without the security of the job he wants or the future he dreamed of, Paul Dynan (KEVIN ZEGERS), plans the perfect crime to help his struggling family -- extort a fortune from three wealthy men (RAY LIOTTA, VICTOR GARBER, STEPHEN MCHATTIE). The plan: to abduct their socialite children (LAURA VANDERVOORT, DUSTIN MILLIGAN, JOHN BREGAR) and collect a healthy ransom of $3-million dollars. Over the course of one long night, Paul and his accomplices hold the rich kids hostage awaiting the $3-million ransom with little idea of the secrets that will surface between the fathers when they are forced to choose between their children and their money. Once blood is shed and things go horribly wrong, Paul must fight to stay one step ahead of his own twisted game.

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After Paul (Zegers) gets turned down for a job and his sick mom gets a foreclosure notice on the house he becomes desperate. His plan is to kidnap three kids of rich families and hold them for a million each. When the plan goes wrong he must find a way to stay clean and get the money. "The Entitled" is a thriller about a young who feels that no matter what he does nothing is ever going to get better unless he takes matters into his own hands. From the outside this looked like a film worthy of wasting a a few hours over with it's story-line and cast but it turned out to be much more than just a time waster. Before I go any further let me say this is not a film that would win a bunch of awards but it is much better than I expected it to be and certainly better than a lot of the garbage they stick in theaters these days. A realistic thriller that keeps you guessing with it's twists and turns and doesn't reveal itself till the very end. Another thing that stands out about the film is the character development, each and every character has their own motives and personalities so their all easy to identify with and get some sort of feeling towards before the final payoff. The cast did a terrific job here including Kevin Zegers who takes the lead but it's more a joint effort here and each and every one in the film play's an important role. Also Director, Aaron Woodley for creating a tense and suspenseful story here which keeps the audience on the edge the entire time.

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"The Entitled" was a much better film than I expected it to be and it's a film that leaves you thinking about it's characters and their actions long after it's over. If you like a good thriller then I highly recommend picking this one up, you will be glad you did. Both the DVD and Blu-ray come with Special Features that include:

The Entitled: Behind The Scenes

Alternate Ending

You can order the DVD HERE and the Blu-ray HERE.

Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment

*** 3/4 Out Of *****