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Cast: Stuart Wolfenden, Sarah Jane Honeywell, Damian Morter, Sam Cullingworth, Tim Mcgill Grieveson, Paul Collin-Thomas

Director: Damian Morter

Genre: Fantasy | Horror

Year: 2012

Rating: N/A

The population is now scarce...a young man called Matthew now seeks refuge and solitude in the hill tops and mountains, spending his days repetitively picking up the starving dead by the roadside and burning them on his fire. One day he encounters Cal, a mysterious stranger who passes out in his camp. Matthew takes him in, and upon inspecting Cal's possesions, he comes across a journel, which documents 3 stories of horror Cal has experienced upon his search for "THE STORYTELLER" an ancient demon who has caused the death and chaos which now surrounds them...but as Cal sleeps and Matthew reads on, something approaches from the forests around them and soon. they will no longer be alone.

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I was really looking forward to checking out this new Zombie film from the UK because it is getting a great deal of buzz. I went into it blind so not to ruin the film for myself and I suggest others to do the same, the less you know the better here. As the film opens we are introduced to Matthew who passes the time transporting zombie road kill to the forest in a wheelbarrow where he burns the bodies, at one point in the film he says it gives him purpose. When he is not collecting bodies he sends out radio signals in hopes of finding more survivors. One day a man walks into his camp but before he can really say much the man passes out. Matthew decides to chain the man to his chair just in case, he then decides to go through the man's bag. He finds several things inside like a knife but he also finds a journal the man had wrote in. Curious Matthew begins reading it. In the book the man talks of a demon who raised the dead. The film then begins to tell its three central themed stories.

"The Eschatrilogy" is a zombie film like no other, you feel every once of emotion from the humans and the zombies. Yes, these undead have feelings of regret and remorse for whom they have become and you feel for them as well. The film is really hard to talk about without ruining the story but I can tell you it plays through three stories and it switches back to Matthew and his uninvited guest in between each story and at the very end. The film was obviously done on a minimal budget but you would never know from watching it. The cinematography is both brilliant and beautiful and the locations used are perfect for the apocalyptic story line. The effects are also very well none and the acting is top-notch.

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Tim Mcgill Grieveson is amazing as Matthew and Damian Morter who also directed and wrote the film is incredible as Cal, the mysterious man that wonders into Matthew's life. The rest of the fairly large cast all did terrific jobs playing their roles. It seems like there is a new zombie film released every week but you are not going to find one quite like this one. The story is unique and instantly engaging, it keeps you glued to the screen the entire time. But by the third act I began to wonder how the film was going to end. It was so good up till then I hoped that the filmmakers would be able to finish it on a high note and I can now say they did. The ending was an awesome conclusion to an already fantastic piece of film-making. My hat goes off the Director, Damian Morter as well as Producer, Nicola Morter and their amazing cast and crew. I see big things coming from this terrific husband and wife team.

There is so much to like about this film, my only problem with it was I was left wanting more. I hope there is a sequel in the future but in the meantime if you a horror fan I highly recommend checking this out, this just goes to show that you do not need a million dollars to make a great film. I could tell by watching this that Mr. and Mrs. Morter as well as their cast and crew poured their hearts out into making this gem of a film. A must-see so keep you visit the Film's Faceback page HERE to find out when you can order the DVD.

Released by SKDVD

***** Out Of *****