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Cast: Gino Anthony Pesi, Brinna Kelly, Jason Stuart

Director: D.C. Hamilton

Genre: Mystery, Romance, Thriller

Year: 2019

Rating: NR

When a charming woman named Penny climbs into his taxi, Harris finds himself entranced. That is, right up until she disappears from the back seat without a trace. As he desperately tries to make sense of what happened, he resets his meter and is instantly brought back to the moment she first climbed into his cab. He and Penny find themselves trapped in an endlessly looping ride that changes their lives forever.

'The Fare' tells the story of Harris who has been a cab driver for years. When is gets call to the middle of nowhere he doesn't expect to pick up the beautiful Penny and he surely doesn't know what is about to happen. After entering the cab Penny and Harris get into a brief conversion until a storm appears on the horizon and the cab all of a sudden stops running. When he looks back, Penny has vanished from the cab. Not knowing what to do dispatch tells him to just reset the meter but when he does he gets caught in a time loop where him and Penny keep sharing their brief rides. Now they must try and figure out how to bet out of it or be trapped in an endless loop forever.

'The Fare' seemed like an interesting story on paper so I was looking forward to seeing it and I wasn't disappointed at all. I am not going to sit here and go into more plot details because I do not want to ruin the film for anyone else who might be wanting to see it so instead I am just going to talk about the film itself and a few other things that made it so good.

For starters the film looks terrific for an Indie. I loved the way the film makers used both black and white and color cinematography because it gave it an over-all creepy feel that set the tone for the rest of the movies. Another thing that was impressive both Gino Anthony Pesi who plays Harris and Brinna Kelly who plays Penny were fantastic. This is one of those films that takes place in one location and with only two characters for the most part so you have to have really good acting to pull it off and both of these fine actors are amazing. Brinna Kelly also wrote the film as well so she is not only a beautiful and talented actress but she also has a knack for telling an engaging story.

The film was directed by D.C. Hamilton who did a terrific job keeping me glued to the screen and keeping the film moving at a good pace. 'The Fare' isn't an easy film to pull off because of its "repetitiveness" but he did a masterful job here. The film wastes no time getting into the story and it doesn't over stay its welcome coming in at 82 minutes. It slowly builds on suspense and the longer the film goes the more the mystery thickens as you wait to find out more. And the film doesn't give away its secrets until the very end and what an ending it was. The mystery and the love story and came from it left me with a tear or two in my eyes and it also left me wanting more as well.

'The Fare' is available now on Blu-ray and VOD with Special Features that include:

Feature length commentary with director D.C. Hamilton, a feature-length commentary with star/writer Brinna Kelly, alternate, deleted and extended scenes, a gag reel and making-of featurettes: Secrets of The Fare and The Look of The Fare. This is one of this year's gems that needs and deserves to me seen so be sure to check it out.

Released by Epic Pictures

**** Out Of *****