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Cast: Dale Dickey, Romane Denis, Jonathan Koensgen

Director: Karl R. Hearne

Genre: Crime/Thriller

Year: 2024

Rating: 15

A mysterious older woman seeks revenge on the corrupt legal guardian who destroyed her life.

Ann and her sick husband live by themselves but it doesn't take long before a corrupt system in judges and doctors decide the two can't live on their only anymore and quickly move them to a senior center with secrets of its own. When their guardian finds out that they have a good amount of money hidden the try to get it out os Ann by attacking for husband which leads to his death. Alone in the senior center Ann must endure harsh treatment which includes not being able to leave her apartment for a full month. Ann becomes determined to seek revenge on those responsible but when her granddaughter is taken she decides to take a softer approach until she makes sure that the girl is safe.

'The G' is a revenge thriller from Writer/Director, Karl R. Hearne who does a great job mixing drama, suspense and action with a little bit of humor. The cast is amazing including, Romane Denis and Jonathan Koensgen but the film belongs to Dale Dickey who gives another great performance as "The G." She commands the screen each and every moment.

'The G' is an entertaining crime film that showcase the corruption by those with power. And I loved seeing Dale go Liam Neeson on their asses. I certainly recommend seeing this little gem when in opens in UK and Irish cinemas on June 21st. Revenge never looked so good and I look forward to seeing what this director and cast has coming next.

Released by Lightbulb Film Distribution

**** Out Of *****