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Cast: Warren McCook, Sophie Hill, Ryan Early, Emily Lamey

Director: Tony Devlin

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Year: 2024

Rating: NR

THE GLENARMA TAPES tells the story of teenager GORDY and his best friend JIMMY attempting to make the best film ever by following a day in the life of Gordy. Just an average day where Gordy tends to his little sister, goes to college, helps his Mum, pines over a potential girlfriend and smokes a pack of cigarettes… Not very exciting, until they overhear their annoying teachers plotting a wild weekend in the forest. Perfect timing for the boys to have an adventure of their own…by following them! Throw in Gordy's love interest - the smart and streetwise ELEANOR and her no-nonsense friend CLARE and we have our Fab Four!

Off they set on a rickety old bus to the village of Glenarma, over sixty miles away from home. But what does every great adventure need? Supplies! Upon reaching the one-horse town and finding a dilapidated gas station, the gang encounter the strange yet articulate local shopkeeper EUGENE DONNELLY. Eugene proceeds to inform the young students of the tale of ‘Harry Half-a-Head’ - setting the scene for the unknown territory that lies ahead.

With their bags full, the gang make the 4-mile trek to the forest with the help of some “borrowed” wheels. A chase ensues but Gordy and his friends reach the gates of the Glenarma Forest safely…only to find the place is closed up. After a brief discussion on what to do next, the sound of an approaching vehicle nails the evening plans down. Taking cover, the students observe their teachers - MALLON and HOLMES, exit the unmarked car and make their way into the forest. Showtime!

Equipped with infra-red head cams, the youngsters follow the faculty members into the forest but soon lose sight of them. Darkness is coming and temperatures drop. Supplies are low and Gordy’s cigarette lighter is of no help when attempting to create a fire. Time to go home they decide. Catching your teachers having an affair on camera is no longer as appealing as they once believed.

However, when they begin to retrace their steps back through the forest, they uncover their teachers' campsite and discover their educators are involved in a ritual sacrifice with a number of other people. When THE HUNTSMASTER initiates the hunt, the gang are discovered and must make it out of the forest alive before their teachers track them down and silence them forever…

Fast forward two years later and footage detailing their movements on the day they disappeared is uncovered during a police operation outside Belfast. With DETECTIVE TODD in charge, the case begins to unravel, lives are changed, there is a shocking discovery and we learn the truth of what occurred that fateful night through THE GLENARMA TAPES.

'The Glenarma Tapes' Starts off like any other found footage film with a group of young peple who go missing and footage found years later shows what happened to them. The difference between this one and all the others is the story. Here these friends are not on a trip to find evidence of a monster. This one has a story that is believable and a cast that delivers with strong and realistic performances.

Credit goes out to Director, Tony Devlin who wrote the film with Paul Kennedy. Devlin does a great job telling the story, surprising not only the characters but the audience all while building on the suspense and tension amidst a ton of atmosphere.

Every member of the cast did a fantastic job in the film including, Warren McCook, Sophie Hill, Ryan Early, and Emily Lamey. 'The Glenarma Tapes' starts off a little slow but not boring as it sets up what is happening and lets us get to know the characters before all hell breaks loose. I was never a big san of found footage films but I did enjoy this one mainly because the film makers brought a lot of new ideas to the table here creating a fresh and engaging found footage film that I highly recommend checking out.

Dark Sky Films is proud to announce the release of THE GLENARMA TAPES to VOD/Digital on April 2nd so don't miss this gem.

Released by Dark Sky Films

**** Out Of *****