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Cast: Timothy Haug, Christie Griffin

Director: Jared Allmond

Genre: Drama/Thriller/Sci-Fi

Year: 2023

Rating: NR

Albie and Penny, a young couple with a failing marriage, try to rekindle the fire by having a night out by themselves. To make matters worse, the couple returns home to armed strangers. With no help from their neighbors or law enforcement, they attempt to get evidence of the intrusion. They’re captured by the intruders and tortured for information. There’s no hope until Albie escapes and saves Penny. So hellbent on revenge, he puts their marriage on the line. Unfortunately, all help has been compromised and there’s nowhere to run.

Albie and Penny are a young married coupled with a few children but their relationship is in trouble. For a change they decide to spend the night together because the children are staying over the grandmother's house for the night. After going out the decide to head home and spend some time with just the two of them but after arriving home the find another couple in the home who are acting very strangely. They leave and head over to Penny's sister's house who lives in the same neighborhood. Right off they bat they notice her acting a bit strange and not upset by their home being taken over by strangers.

When asked if they could spend the night since they can't seem to get any help from the police she tells them no. To go back home and secretly record the stranger couple. They do what she suggests but get caught and both get tied up. The strangers want to know where "the hive" is that they communicate through. The couple have no idea what they are talking about and will have to fight to get out alive.

'The Hive' is a film that deals with relationships and what is involved in order to make it a successful one but it is also a Sci-Fi, Thriller that gets inside your head and under your skin almost immediately. Right from the start no one seems to be acting normal, not even the old man that lives next door to them. This is Jared Allmond first time as writer and director of a feature film and I have to say it is a pretty impressive debut. He has a great job at combining the human side of things with the not so human and he keeps things interesting all the way to its twisty end.

The acting in the film was very good as well. Timothy Haug and Christie Griffin star as Albie and Penny and they do a great job playing out each other. Miles Taber and Julianne Ruck are also excellent as the strange couple who have invaded their place. The rest of the cast were all terrific as well.

'The Hive' is a unique little Indie Sci-Fi that gets better and more engaging as it goes along. I look forward to seeing what this filmmaker comes up with next but in the mean time I recommend this gem of a thriller that will leave you thinking about it and its themes long after it is over. The Hive will be available Nationwide on Cable VOD and Digital HD on October 27th just in tell for Halloween so be sure check out this creepy home invasion flick.

Released by Buffalo8

*** 1/2 Out Of *****