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Cast: Mischa Barton, Robert Knepper, Andrew Buckley, Charlotte Salt, Emily Atak

Director: Matt Winn

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Year: 2016

Rating: NR

Ella (Barton) sneaks off one night to snoop through her fiancé’s storage unit on the seedy outskirts of town. But deep in the lower levels of the warehouse, Ella and a half dozen storage unit customers discover there’s more than old furniture and memorabilia being locked away here. A relentless psychopath has started his own “collection,” and unless Ella and the others can survive the blood-soaked rampage of the Hoarder, and find a way out of the maze-like building, they’ll never see the light of another day.

"The Hoarder" focuses on Ella who is engaged to rich, good-looking man but she suspects him of cheating so she convinces her best friend to go to a storage unit across town to see if he is hiding a diary there. But after arriving the girl’s end up at the wrong unit four floors underground and instead of finding what they came for they find something much more frightening and disturbing and now Ella with a few others who are stuck inside the building will have to find their way out or die trying.

"The Hoarder" is a horror/Thriller from Director, Matt Winn, this is Winn's second feature film and he has made some shorts before and in between the two. This is a mixed bag of good and not so good, I wasn't once scared watching the film but nothing really scares me any more so others might find the film to be more scary. One thing that could have been better was the kills. There are not many but the problem with them is you have a hard time seeing what is going on because it is too dark or they are off camera a little. This is definitely not a good thing since this is suppose to be a horror film.

The first half of the film is kind of slow and it makes you wonder where it is all going but as the final act begins they toss a major twist into the fold and the film is better from then on. It even manages to build some suspense and tension as well as it makes its way to the climax. And speaking of the climax, I enjoyed the non-happy ending as well.

The cast did a pretty good job considering what they had to work with. Mischa Barton as Ella and Robert Knepper as Vince were definitely the best as far as performances go. For an Indie film this wasn't bad and I have certainly seen worse but with a little more work on the script, dialogue and a little more attention to detail as far as the kills go this could have been so much better. I liked the idea as a whole and I enjoyed the last half of the film especially when the major twist is revealed because it ramps up after that.

"The Hoarder" isn't perfect but I still found it to be an entertaining watch and I recommend seeing it if you are a fan of horror. Just don't expect a whole lot and you should enjoy it as well. Available now on DVD with Special Features that include:


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Released by Image Entertainment

*** Out Of *****