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Cast: Ted Ferguson, Timothy Morton and Audra Todd

Director: Dane Sears

Genre: Horror

Year: 2023

Rating: NR

When a mysterious and frightened young couple arrives in the small town of Hopewell, they immediately flee their rural, dilapidated home in terror. With nowhere to go, they turn to an elderly, jaded preacher for help. After he begrudgingly agrees to bless their troubled abode, he finds himself face to face with the unknown in what locals have dubbed the most haunted house in Kentucky.

'The Hopewell Haunting' tells the story of a down of their luck couple and a local preacher who has lost his way in until he is asked to bless the couple's new home which is abandoned and just plain run down. When the preacher decides to spend the night in the old house he uncovers a buried secret and in the process regains his own faith and gets a new lease on life. 'The Hopewell Haunting' is a Indie, southern gothic ghost film from Director, Dane Sears. The film has a really slow pace to it but believe when I tell you it gets a lot better as it moves along.

about 30 minutes in the film begins to pick up and from there on it will have you terrified and it will creep you out with its location, music and its sound effects. Not to mention its terrifying ghost. The entire cast were all amazing and gave realistic performances including its stars, Ted Ferguson, Timothy Morton and Audra Todd.

The Hopewell Haunting" is an Independent gem of a ghost story that will have you at the edge of your seat one minute and leaning back back in your seat in fear the next. I highly recommend checking this out when it comes to VOD and digital platforms June 13.

Released by Dark Sky Films

**** Out Of *****