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Cast: Paul Logan, Costas Mandylor, Bill Moseley, Vernon Wells, Nestor Serrano, Matt Willig, Tiffany Brouwer, Sydney Sweeney, John Omuhundro

Director: Jared Cohn

Genre: Horror/Action

Year: 2016

Rating: NR

The film follows John Crenshaw as he accompanies his girlfriend and her students on a weekend nature-photography expedition deep into the woods. What should be an educational and fun-filled weekend turns into horror as the group is besieged by an unspeakable evil - a horde of hideously disfigured, mutated humans with an insatiable taste for blood. As things go from bad to worse, Crenshaw becomes their only hope if they are going to get out alive.

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"The Horde" tells the story of ex-navy seal, John Crenchaw, Selina Duboix his girlfriend and professor and a group of her students as they go deep in the woods on a nature expedition. What they do not know is there's a horde of inbred living in the woods as well and they are looking for breeders and feeders, they are hungry and vicious.

As the film opens, we get a sneak peak of what is to come when we see a young couple in the same woods camping out but it isn't long before the inbred clan is all over them. The scene quickly shifts and we begin being introduced to all the characters in the film. We see our hero, John as he is making a reservation at a restaurant for him and Selina where he plans on proposing to her but when she comes home he finds out that her nature trip with her class is that weekend. Lucky for them John decides to go on the trip with them instead.

The film spends the first half hour setting up the story and introducing us to all the characters, both good and bad and then right around the thirty-four minute mark the action begins to kick in and it is nonstop from there. A horror/action film that delivers on both by the boat load. On the horror side the gore level reaches cringe inducing levels, if you are a fan of horror this is a real treat. And the action scenes are also very well done and they also have a good bit of gore in them as well. "The Horde" is one of the most entertaining horror films I have seen in some time. It has scenes of graphic violence, plenty of gore, kick-ass fight scenes and a bad ass hero.

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And then there's the cast and what a cast it is, Paul Logan is a true action star who has it all, he is good looking(something the ladies will enjoy), he is charming and he can kick some major ass. The film also has Bill Moseley, Vernon Wells and Costas Mandylor who is awesome again as the lead bad guy. Also before I forget, the film also has a cameo from Don "The dragon" Wilson as well. The rest of the cast all did an amazing job as well.

Director, Jared Cohn is no stranger to horror but for my money this is his best film to date and lets give credit to Paul Logan as well who not only stars in the film but he wrote it as well. The film looks and sounds amazing, the sets are great and the film uses both practical and CGI effects to perfection.

"The Horde" is an extremely well done horror film with a perfect mix of gore and action. It is fast paced and exciting to watch. The film makes its VOD debut on May 6, you can find out more about it by visiting the film's Official site HERE. I had a great time watching this and didn't want it to end. If you are a fan of horror, you owe it to yourself to check this film out. It's a horror lover's dream.

Released by 313 Films/Gravitas Ventures

**** Out Of *****