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Cast: Maddie Moate, David Drew, John Doughty, Paul Tonkin, Andy Callaghan

Supporting Cast: Danny Shayler, Alice Knapton,Ollie Williams, Vicky Vatchers, David Jamieson

Director: Maurizio Del Piccolo, Roberto Del Piccolo

Genre: Crime/Horror/Thriller

Year: 2012

Rating: NR

One step away from a reconciliation with his wife, Mike Crowel, a CID agent, is assigned to a sinister case involving four young friends, Sarah, Jake, Martin and Dave. They soon become the unwitting focus of the evil forces and chillingly supernatural events surrounding Mike's investigation.

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"The Hounds" opens with a scene that shows Sarah just waking up in the woods and someone is calling her, it then switches scenes in order to tell it's story from the start but it now has your full attenion. We then meet Sarah, Jake, Dave and Martin, the film's main characters at their local watering hole just having a normal conversion until one of them suggest they go camping tomorrow morning. The film then introduces us to Mike a a CID agent who is part of an important case, at first we are not sure what the case is about but you now begin to wonder what this has to do with the four friends. You know that the two plots will have to connect sooner or later but at this point in the film you are clueless to when it will happen and what the two have in common.

The film mainly focuses on the camping trip and what happens there but it also tosses in a bit of Mike and the on going case he is working on. In the meantime Sarah and her friends minus Martin who slept in have found their spot in the woods. Things being to take on a supernatural feel after the three find a body in the ground that appears to have a plastic bag over its head. Things go from bad to worse when the body disappears and then reappears attacking Sarah and then her boyfriend Jake. You are now more confused than ever but in a good way as to what is going on here. You also begin to wonder even more what all of this has to do with the CID agent and the case he is working on. To go into any more plot details here would only ruin all the fun and surprises that await so I am going to stop here.

"The Hounds" slowly tells it's story, only giving a little piece of the puzzle at a time. That is why the film is so hard to talk about because you don't want to give anything way and ruin the whole experience. The story is complex yet simple enough to follow, you are easily drawn into the story and gain feelings for it's characters right from the start. It keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting and wanting to know more.

The woods are a perfect setting for the film's supernatural elements, that along with the fantastic camera work and amazing sound effects the film is both frightening and suspenseful.

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Both Maurizio Del Piccolo and Roberto Del Piccolo who share the directing and writing of the film equally have created an intelligent and clever story that sucks you in right from the start and it doesn't let go till the film's shocking ending. Most films like this one have average to poor character development but the characters here are all well-developed which is very important to a film such as this. And speaking of characters the cast did an amazing job playing their roles including, Maddie Moate, David Drew, John Doughty, Paul Tonkin and Andy Callaghan and the supporting cast were all terrific as well.

A well-crafted piece of cinema, the film really takes the genre to a whole new level. It's hard to believe that this is the first film by these amazing filmmakers but I for one look forward to seeing what these guys have coming out next. but in the meantime make sure you check out "The Hounds" when it comes to DVD on 1/22/2013. Independent cinema is where all the original ideas are coming from now and "The Hounds" is a perfect example of how you make a great film on a limited budget. A perfect mix of crime and horror and it contains enough suspense, mystery and gore to please any fan. Do yourself a favor and don't miss out on seeing this amazing film.

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***** Out Of *****