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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Trin Miller, Brandon Anthony, Andi Norris, Josh Truax and D'Angelo Midili

Director: Jeremy Berg

Genre: psychological Thriller/Horror

Year: 2013

Rating: NR

For years Samantha has wondered about where she came from. After inheriting a house from the family she never knew, Sam and three friends take a road trip to inspect the remote property.

Soon after Sam arrives old memories come seeping back to her subconscious while jealousy and unspoken tension between the friends is forced to the surface. As relationships unravel, so does Sam's sanity. She soon finds herself unable to tell the difference between reality and the horrible visions of brutality she can't escape. While her world crumbles, Sam discovers that the current horrors may be tied directly to her past.

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"The Invoking" tells the story of Samantha who suddenly inherits the home her family owned, a family she never really knew. Sam gets her three friends, Caitlin, Roman, and Mark together and they head up to check out her new inheritance. Once arriving they meet the grounds keeper, Eric, who was a friend of the family and was hired when he returned from the war. Eric tells Sam that they used to play together on the property before her parents died and she was sent away. Sam doesn't remember any of it but is interested in knowing what happened to her family.

It does not take long before Sam begins to see and hear things that confuses and scares her and her friends. When she confronts Eric about it and asks questions he seems to dodge them and as things begin to get worse it becomes apparent that everyone is in grave danger.

"The Invoking" is a Indie film that was done on a $11,000 budget but you will have a hard time believing that. The film may sound like a horror film but do not be fooled because it is much more than that. This is an intense, character-driven psychological Thriller that plays out slowly and deliberately. Once things begin happening the story becomes full of mystery as Sam attempts to find out about her past then the sense of dread appears, that is when the tension and suspense really kicks in.

When you have a film like this that has a terrific story to it you need actors that can deliver and bring the characters to life and to be honest I do not think they could of picked a better cast here. Trin Miller is not only beautiful but she is extremely talented and she delivers an amazing performance as Sam. Brandon Anthony as Mark, Josh Truax as Roman and Andi Norris as Caitlin all give fantastic performances as well. And then there is D'Angelo Midili who plays Eric, by far the most interesting and creepy character in the film and he gives a stellar performance.

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Production wise the film looks fantastic and the woods and home in the middle of nowhere provide the perfect atmosphere needed for the story. The film's score also does a great job in helping to create the right atmosphere needed.

Like I said before this is not your typical horror flick with tons of blood and effects, it's something more special than that. "The Invoking" is an intelligent, clever and well-crafted thriller that quickly gets in your head and under your skin. It becomes more and more intense and suspenseful as it moves along and the ending is perfect. I also want to point out Director, Jeremy Berg who also co-wrote the film as well. He did a fantastic job and I look forward to seeing what he does next.

"The Invoking" is an exceptional piece of cinema that deserves to be seen. You can visit the film's Facebook page HERE to keep up with its progress.

Released by RLJ Entertainment/Image Entertainment

***** Out Of *****