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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Cary Alder, Todd Bush, David Chattam, Stacey Dixon, Tim Emery, Terry Gragg, Jeremy Jones, Bob King, Shawn C. Phillips, Larry Underwood, David Vaughn, Lee Vervoort, Kaylee Williams

Director: Cameron McCasland

Genre: Horror

Year: 2014

Rating: NR

"The Lashman" centers on five friends who set out for a weekend of camping, fishing and partying but their worst nightmares come true when their campfire tale of the legendary Lashman come all too true.

The film wastes no time getting to business and introducing the Lashman, right from the start we see two couple who is having a bit of fun in the woods get attacked and killed by the Lashman. Then the film settles down as it becomes more of a character piece with a good bit of drama as well as comedy. The film introduces the five friends and lets us get to know them all pretty well before the carnage starts over again. It also gives us the background of the Lashman and how he became the menace he is.

This takes about 51 minutes of the runtime but even though nothing gory happens it is still a fun film watching these five friends have fun, argue and have more fun. Once the killings begin again it is non-stop all the way to the end.

"The Lashman" is an old school slasher film that not only pays homage to films that have come before it but it also brings some of its own ideas to the table as well. For example I liked that the Lashman used a whip in the movie, that only made him a real badass.

The film was done on a very small budget and it does show here and there but and flaws are so minor they are not even worth mentioning here. What is worth mentioning is the cast, I am not going to point out any one actor here because this was an ensemble piece and everyone did a great job playing their roles. A complete cast list is above.

I noticed at the end of the credits it said The Lashman will return, I hope so because this felt like a bit of an introduction to him since he goes missing for half the film. I really enjoyed what I saw but the prospect of a sequel makes me a bet more excited with thoughts of the Lashman getting more screen time and kicking more ass. The film has a great start then a necessary and fun middle while it lets the audience get to know the group of friends before the killing kicks in and it also gives us a nice history lesson on the villain which is something that goes missing in a lot of horror films.

I want to congratulate Writer/Director, Cameron McCasland and his entire cast and crew for taking us back to a time when horror films were both scary and fun. "The Lashman" whips some serious ass so be sure to check it out when it becomes available. You can follow the film's progress by visiting its Facebook Page HERE.

The film is a Indie lovers dream come true so do not miss it.

Released by Red Headed Revolution Pictures

**** Out Of *****