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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Dominic Chianese, Dick Latessa, Kate Buddeke, Catherine Lloyd Burns, Kathleen Chalfant, Joe Grifasi, Josh Hamilton, Ben Hammer, Ann Hu, Jen Jones

Director: Harvey Wang

Genre: Romance/Comedy/Drama

Year: 2011

Rating: NR

When Lenny Sugarman (Dominic Chianese), a 70-something salesman approaching retirement with trepidation, meets a fascinating woman named Mimi (Kathleen Chalfant), his life finally seems to be on track. But new financial woes appear on the horizon. His lifelong friend, Ruben (Dick Latessa), encourages him to leave the cutthroat streets of New York for a gentler life elsewhere, but Lenny just might be too New York to go.

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It's true that New Yorkers are going to love this film but anyone that loves good, wholesome cinema is going to find this film to be one of those little gems you never heard about but are glad afterwars that it seen the light of day. "The Last New Yorker" is a little Indie film that stars, Dominic Chianese (uncle Junior from the Sopranos) who plays a 70-something salesman in New York who refuses to give in to the changing world around him, then he meets a woman, Mimi(Kathleen Chalfant) and his life finally has meaning again but it doesn't take long before life smacks him the face again when his Nephew, a stock Broker tells him his stocks are dead. Mean while his best friend Ruben encourages him to leave for a better life elsewhere but with his new found love Lenny isn't going to leave easily. To give too much away about what happens in the film would only ruin it for those waiting to see it but I can tell you this is a sweet, gentle film about being never too old to fall in love, regrets and moving past them to enjoy your life in it's later stages. Wonderful performances by the film's three main leads including Dominic Chianese and Kathleen Chalfant who are amazing together and Dick Latessa is terrific as Lenny's best friend, Rueben. The supporting cast also did a terrific job as well. I can't recommend this enough, the characters in the film might be in their senor years but this is a funny, dramatic and just plain delightful film for all ages to enjoy. An example of Independent cinema at it's finest, it not only touches the heart but the funny bone as well, a drama with realistic characters with the amazing New York skyline as it's playground.

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I fell head over heels for the characters in the film right from the start and was engaged the entire time, I was hoping for a better ending for Lenny but I thought that Director, Harvey Wang closed the film the best way the end I was still left with a smile on my face and the characters stayed with me long after it was over. For me this was a thought-provoking film as well, I hope I can age as well as Lenny did and with as much dignity. Support this wonderful film today, you are going to be glad you did and rewarded with one of the best films of the year. The DVD comes with Special Features that include:

2 Slideshows



Booklet: "So You Wanna Buy A Suit" by Lenny Sugarman

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Released by Brink DVD

**** Out Of *****