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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Ron Perlman

Director: Dave Kim

Genre: Children/Family/Animated

Year: 2011

Rating: G

The Littlest Angel tells the story of a young boy who arrives in heaven before his time. Home-sick and lonely, he will travel back to earth, with his friendly pup Halo, to retrieve a most selfless and precious gift for The Baby Jesus. Experience the love, laughter and magic of one of the most popular children's stories of all time. From the classic book by Charles Tazewell comes the CGI animated film, The Littlest Angel.

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Based on the fifteenth best-selling children's book of all time by Charles Tazewell, the story is about the littlest angel in heaven, a devilish little boy who can't take orders and is always getting into some kind of mischief. When He is sent to see Angel Eve about the problems He is having He explains that being home sick is what is bothering him the most. While on earth He had a little box with several items in it that were important to him and He feels if He can go back and get it things would be better in heaven for him. So along with his new friend, Halo, a puppy who is also in heaven journey back to earth without permission to retrieve his treasure. Earth doesn't turn out to be the place the two friends remember and getting the box and keeping it turns out to be more trouble than expected.

I admit that I never heard of the book before this movie but I'm sure many of you out there have. This is a wonderful film that parents can enjoy with their children and there's plenty of laughs and adventure to keep the little ones glued to the screen and they will be wanting to watch this heavenly tale over and over again.

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Along with being a very good looking CGI wise the voice actors also do a wonderful job including Ron Perlman as God. A terrific film for kids that provides plenty of entertainment but it also teaches some good lessons on friendship, kindness and forgiveness. A wonderful Christmas film that makes for a terrific stocking stuffer but it's also one the kids will enjoy year round. An uplifting film that will have the little ones laughing and cheering The Littlest Angel on till the very end.

The DVD comes with Bonus Features that include:

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Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment

**** Out Of *****