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Cast: Lila Lasso, Becca Hirani, May Kelly

Director: Tyler James

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Year: 2023

Rating: NR

A submarine vanishing prompts a rescue operation that comes face to face with the cause -The Loch Ness Monster. Having escaped the Loch, it is now unleashing decades of pent-up aggression on all those it encounters. In a fight for survival, our team of rescue operatives must overcome the terrors both beneath them and within their ranks.

When a small submersible vanishes while hunting for the elusive Loch Ness Monster a team is put together to go on a recovery mission but there is more going on than what some are being told. Now the crew has no where to run from the monster who is simply sick of being stalked.

'The Loch Ness Horror' is a low budget monster flick and it succeeds in doing so for a number of different reasons. One is the film's cast which includes, Lila Lasso, Becca Hirani and May Kelly to name only a few. May Kelly I recently seen in another film by the Director, Tyler James who was Producer of, "Mary Had a Little Lamb." I took notice of Kelly then because her acting skills were quite good and she again impressed me here.

Another thing that made the film a fun watch was The film's CGI which was above average For a film such as this with a small budget to work with. I was actually quite impressed with the effects and how Writer/Director, Tyler James used them and the amount used while keeping the film moving at a nice pace. The film also pays homage to Alien when a spider like creature bursts out of one of the team members after Nessie shot what appeared to be acid at him. While it may not make much sense it does add some more action and suspense to the story and again I was impressed by the CGI there as well.

Like any Low budget film 'The Loch Ness Horror' isn't perfect and could of used some better writing and a bit more money but over-all I found it to be a fun, above average creature feature that turn out to be one of the better ones compared to others like it. Some one to give this filmmaker some money to see what he can do with more resources at hand. I recommend checking out this entertaining monster flick that satisfies when it comes to digital on 11/7/23.

Released by Uncork’d Entertainment

** 3/4 Out Of *****