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Cast: Isla Fisher, Ryan Guzman, Greg Kinnear

Director: Christian Ditter

Genre: Comedy/Family/Fantasy

Year: 2024

Rating: PG

A young boy discovers he can use an enchanted grandfather clock to go back in time. He teams up with his siblings on a quest to bring their separated parents back together again.

'The Present' tells the story of Jennifer and Eric who are preparing to separate for a bit while working on fixing their marriage. They have told the kids, Emma, Max and brilliant, but troubled youngster member Taylor that they want everyone at the dinner table to discuss something important which is telling the kids about their plan. Enter their grandfather's old clock that is suppose to magical powers. After hearing the news, young and very smart Taylor decides to fix the old clock and use it to go back in time 12 hours in order to save their parent's marriage and keep the family together.

'The Present' is a comedy, fantasy, family film about the effect a broken home has on the parents but more importantly how it effects the children. The film stars, Isla Fisher and Greg Kinnear as Jennifer Eric and each have great chemistry together and very funny in the film as well. The child actors which includes, Shay Rudolph, Easton Rocket Sweda and Mason Shea Joyce are also amazing in the film. The film is a fantasy and is very funny but at heart its a movie about the importance of keeping the family unit together at any cost. It is also a film the entire family can enjoy together which is always a good thing.

'The Present' opens in the UK & Irish cinemas on 24th May and I highly recommend seeing it if you get the chance. I had a great time watching this little gem that touches on an important subject while tossing in some romance, comedy and time travel that combines to creating an enjoyable film. Toss in the amazing cast and you have a film worth seeing.

Released by The Movie Partnership

*** 1/2 Out Of *****


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