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Cast: Francesco Rossini - Emilia Verginelli - Antonio De Matteo - Andrea Napoleoni - Cristina Buoninfante - Raffaele Ottolenghi - Mauro Celaia - Viktorya Tori - Maria Spelta - Jack Gallo - David Power

Director: Alex Visani - Antonio Zannone - Luca Alessandro - Roberto Albanesi & Simone Chiesa

Genre: Horror

Year: 2014

Rating: NR

"The Pyramid" is a Indie horror film about a small pyramid that unleashes hell on anyone that comes in contact with it. The film is broken down into four episodes, Ritual, Dream Door, Pestilence and Apocalypse.

Ritual tells the story of a man who stumbles over the pyramid while browsing little show. Once he owns the pyramid it begins to take him over and strange things begin to happen.

Dream Door tells of story of a young lady who just happens to be cleaning the room where the man that bought the pyramid was staying. She stumbles upon it and decides to take it home to her boyfriend. It doesn't take long before the pyramid has its way with the boyfriend.

Pestilence up the action as we see numerous people affected by the pyramid and its evil spreads as those infected begin feasting on the living.

And Apocalypse is the final episode in the film and it is also the best of the four. It tells the story of two men who are sent out to find and destroy the pyramid and something even more evil as well before everyone left is doomed.

All four episodes flow flawlessly together without a hitch. The film immediately grabs your interest from the start as you see a hooded figure building the little pyramid and it just continues to get more gory, bizarre, twisted and entertaining as it moves along. I also loved the way the pyramid had its own fangs, I mean why not since it is a device of pure evil.

"The Pyramid" is a Italian independent horror film that is both original and highly entertaining, it is directed by Alex Visani, Antonio Zannone, Luca Alessandro, Roberto Albanesi & Simone Chiesa. Each had their hand in directing and writing the stories. As far as Anthology films go I would rank this pretty high up the list. The film has a lot of heart and ambition and it really delivers on everything it promises.

Production wise the film sounds and looks fantastic and acting wise everyone in the film did a great job playing their roles. The film starts off a little slow and at first you wonder where it might be headed but it really picks up as it moves along and I really loved the ending. Speaking of the ending be sure to stick around when the credits begin to roll because there is an important scene at the very end. If you are a fan of Indie horror you owe it to yourself to check this out. I recommend visiting the film's Facebook page to keep up on its progress, you can find it HERE.

Released by Empire Video - Alex Visani

**** 1/2 Out Of *****