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Cast: Corbin Bernsen, Oksana Orlan, Kristina Pimenova

Director: Michael S. Ojeda

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Year: 2018

Rating: NR

A Russian woman travels to America with her daughter to marry a reclusive billionaire, who turns out to be a psycho who sends their lives spiraling into a living hell.

Karl Frederick is a lonely man who has everything he could ever want except a woman to share his life with. He goes on a mail order bride web site and finds, Nina, a Russian woman with a daughter who is looking to escape her abusive ex-husband. After arriving in the U.S. life for Nina and Dasha seems to be changed forever but the longer they stay with Karl the more strange he becomes and the more worried they get. But Karl has other motives for bringing his new bride to the U.S. and he will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

'The Russian Bride' doesn't get to the action until later in the film but once it does it quickly becomes a thrill a minute all the way until the credits begin to roll. I am not going to spoil the film here for those that may want to see it but I will say it is one hell of a ride. An excellent Supernatural, revenge thriller that will have you at the edge of your seat during the film's last act.

Like I said it does start off a little slow as it introduces us to the characters and sets up the story. It then tosses in a few twists a long the way to keep things interesting and it holds off on giving away all of its secrets until later in the film when all hell breaks loose.

There is plenty of action and brutal violence that is sure to please all fans of horror. The supernatural element plays an important part in the film but the main focus is on Karl and what he is planning on doing. Another thing that made the film so good was the acting. I have always been a fan of Corbin Bersen but his role as psycho Karl may very well be his best yet. Kristina Pimenova is also very good as the young, Dasha and Oksana Orlan is fantastic as Nina. I must mention Michael Robert Brandon as well who gives a great performance as Hagen, Karl's man that takes care of everything around the property.

'The Russian Bride' had its Cinepocalypse Genre Film Festival premiere tonight. I highly recommend liking the film's Facebook Page HERE to find out when and where you might be able to see the film next. As far as Horror and thrillers go this one ranks among the best. This is a kick-ass film that will leave you wanting more. Congrats to Writer/Director and his entire cast and crew for creating one of the most entertaining films I have seen in a long time.

Released by VMI Worldwide. You can visit their web site HERE.

***** Out Of *****