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Cast: Isaiah Washington, Lisa Arrindell Anderson, C. Thomas Howell, Salli Richardson-Whitfield

Director: Paul D. Hannah

Genre: Drama/Thriller

Year: 2016

Rating: NR

From a young age, Rose Ricard has been blessed with a special gift. Looking into a person’s soul, she can see the lies they try to hide. Now, using her uncanny ability, Rose works as a private investigator, solving “cold” cases the police can’t unravel. With her new partner, ex-con Grant Summit, Rose takes on a deadly case that follows close on the heels of a murderer and threatens to reveal long-buried secrets from her own past. Rose’s divine gift may wind up being a curse that makes her the target of the killer she never saw coming.

"The Sin Seer" takes your typical drama/thriller and injects some originality into it. The story focuses on Rose Richard, a private investigator who has the ability to see what people are trying to hide. With the help of her new partner, ex-con Grant Summit she takes on a case that was closed a long time ago but what she doesn't know is that parts of the case are closer to home than she knows which puts her in harms way.

I liked the premise of the film and I liked a lot of what happens in the film but on the other hand there were also a lot of unbelievable moments as well as moments that just don't make sense. For example when Rose first hires Grant the first thing she does is hand him a gun. To me that seemed very dangerous and not logical since the man is an ex-con. There are other parts of the film that are weak as well but I still ended up getting some enjoyment out of it.

The acting was one reason I enjoyed the film even with its weak script, how can you not love a movie that stars, Isaiah Washington, Lisa Arrindell Anderson, C. Thomas Howell, Salli Richardson-Whitfield and Micheal Ironside? I am not saying it is a bad film but it certainly could have used some mopping up as far as the story goes. I also felt the film was a bit too long, they could have easily trimmed it by ten minutes and in turn gave it a bit more pace.

Still I give the film credit for being different and bringing some original ideas to the table but it does suffer from the writing. If you like the genre or enjoy Urban Cinema then I recommend checking it out, just don't expect anything special here.

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Released by Image Entertainment

** 1/2 Out Of *****